Waiting For Things To Happen

I remember being a teenager. I wanted my own car, so bad. I caught rides from friends and my parents everywhere (Lame). It was humiliating humbling! I would dream of my own ride and how cool it would be (a corvette, a jag or a beater). This was the 80’s remember? It’s easy to flash right back to those days though.

Like a transport back to the future, watching my girl walk her own path of car dreams is painful. I know how she feels. I felt the same way. I wondered if I would ever get my own car too. It doesn’t make it any easier when your brother has a car (and has had one since he turned 16) and most of all your friends as well. Matter of fact, that creates a whole new monster in patience. IT IS HARD!!

Time is ticking for her and I know it. Soon the summer will be over and she’ll begin taking college classes in the next town over. She will have to drive to get there. My car is not in the best condition. It’s older and needs some hefty maintenance. It’s also a gas hog. 🙁 I have a full-time job and another kid to haul around. Sharing is going to be very complicated and costly.

Just like her, I’m beginning to question if it will ever happen. I posted on Facebook yesterday about praying for something big for my family. I took a step of faith and am still waiting to hear if anything will come of it. A car would be a blessing and if it’s God’s will Ally will have one…..soon.

Still praying for THE RIGHT ONE at the RIGHT PRICE!

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