Pins & Needles

I’m probably not the only one sitting on the edge of wonder right now. The jury has been deliberating for a total of 9+ hours and if you’re a person who followed the OJ trial….you know ANYTHING can happen! My hubby mentioned yesterday how he does NOT envy the jury or the situation they find themselves in. This is serious stuff, people! Will they find Casey Anthony guilty or will she walk out and live the beautiful life?

I’m psyched about something else today. Ally has her first job interview. She’s nervous and concerned about her clothing choices. I’m twisted by many things. What does my baby having a job mean for me? I can come up with lots of things that make me feel nervous. None of which have anything to do with me letting her grow up. Most of them revolve around her safety.

Typical mom stuff.

I’m always looking for another way to sit on pins and needles, ya’ll!

Here’s some fun photo’s of the weekend firepit party. The girls had some friends over and cooked out under the stars trees. Everyone had a great time. Who knew those bottle drinks (Orange cream, Strawberry and Cream Soda) could make people act so crazy (BRAD)? 😉


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