Wild Beasts

I’ve spent most everyday at home since school let out in June. I don’t have a tight schedule. I pretty much do whatever I want. As long as it involves staying in comfy clothes and no makeup. I spend time in my kitchen on my computer while enjoying the view outside my glass sliding doors. From there, I can watch my dog play and chase the squirrels, birds and chipmunks. I can see when my kitty brings up her latest kill. But one of my favorite things to watch for is the deer.

They wander up close to my back door as they graze on the goodies growing in our woods. On Tuesday, a friend was over visiting and as I sat listening to her I could see a deer walking around munching away. I really wanted to get up and take some pictures but I stayed put. My friend really had a need and I wanted to bless her. I believe that God knows how I feel about the visiting animals…..so He let me catch a sweet glimpse of the deer in the first place.


Yesterday I was busy typing away on my computer when my little dog started to quietly growl and get fidgety. I peeked up to see what was her nemesis and spotted this—->

I had to giggle. I mean, really? What is this turtle doing on my back porch? Where in the world is he heading? How did my back porch end up on his route? I think it’s really funny because the cat never even bothered to look at him. She was actually sleeping in the exact spot he’s in– not 15 minutes earlier. Weird.

{This is the second turtle we’ve found in our yard in the last 2 weeks}

I like having these visitors. A few weeks back I saw the biggest raccoon out by our barn. I was suspicious it was a mama and that she had babies under the barn. I tried to peek under and listen for noises but didn’t find anyone or thing. They just like hanging around, I suppose. We feed our cat out back and many critters come up and munch on what’s left. We’ve been surprised a time or two by opossum’s, coons & mean cats!

Today as I sat swinging out front….I heard a noise and turned to see the most adorable chipmunk chowing down as he sat perched on a limb right beside me. He kept looking at me and I stared right back wishing I had a great camera to shoot his picture with. I am living in the middle of the animal kingdom here and I need to be photographing all my little and big friends. Pioneer Woman has some rockin photography and I bet if I had a camera like hers…..I could snap a few amateur (pretender) shots myself.

For the remainder of my summer….I’ll be enjoying the visitors God sends (both human and beast). Thank you Lord. Your creatures mesmerize me and put a smile on my face.

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