Nutella French Toast

I spent the night tossing and turning. By 2:30am I had reached the point of delirium and was thinking every crazy thought and idea known to man. Why do I do that? It’s not good for my body (cause it’s ooooold) since I wake up the next day feeling beat up. Too bad my mental state is even more fragile.

I don’t think clearly.

Example–I woke up early (before 8am) because Ally had an early shift at work and needed to get rolling. I like to be around to offer any help she might need to get out the door and make it there safely. I don’t want her stressed and rushing, if you know what I mean? I decided this would also be a good time for me to pay my electric bill over the phone.

I dial up and start the process of push #1, enter your account number, stand on one foot….turn and sing, push #2 blah blah blah! Just when I finally reached the payment code I realized my debit card was in one of my kid’s hands/purses/backpocket. I jumped up and raced around waking up the baby (the one with my card) only to lose all the work I had just done on the phone. Loser! Back to the beginning.

I start the whole process all over again. This time when I went to enter my card number I messed it up and yes, you guessed it….had to start again.

By the time (the 4th try) I made it to the payment button I hastily pushed the wrong button and OVERPAID by a large amount on my electric bill! Uhhh, no….YOU CAN’T GET THAT MONEY BACK!!!! I wanted to cry and sort of did. I ran down to beg my hubby for help/forgiveness/mercy/ideas and wanted to kick myself for my error. This wouldn’t be such a big deal except that I just paid the mortgage, water and a few other bills on Friday and needed to be extra frugal the rest of the week. {A week that my hubby has a work trip out to California & will need a little emergency money} Only me, ya’ll!

Long story…..but hubby did manage to work it out and we won’t have to sell all our worldly possessions this week for gas and food. However, I immediately went back to my racing mind & prayers from the middle of the night. I was running late for church yesterday and didn’t grab a check for my tithe (I decided no biggie–that I’d pay it at the evening service. Guess who forgot a check last night?). I had prayed to God and mentioned my blunder in hopes of “keeping my error” in check.

Now I’m not saying my error was a punishment. I believe that consequences have a way of getting your attention. Sometimes when you least expect it. I thanked God for helping clean up my mistake and here I will say that only HE deserves the glory for my recovery.

Somedays….you just have to make Nutella Stuffed French Toast to get through the crazy.

Nutella French Toast

2 eggs
1/4 c. whipping cream
2 T. powdered sugar
dash cinnamon
4 slices bread

Mix eggs, cream, sugar & cinnamon. Spread Nutella onto bread as if making a sandwich. Put 2 slices together and dip into egg mixture. Fry up until golden brown and knock yourself out with the goodness.
Thank me later. 😉

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