I can’t remember the last time I’ve worn a swimsuit. I don’t have a pool! 🙁 I don’t have a friend with a pool. I have no life, remember? So swimming and sunning are out. Which totally bums me out. Both of those things make me happy!

I grew up in Florida. I’m a cracker. That’s what people FROM Florida are called. My roots run very deep there. I never imagined living in Indiana. Which takes me back to the pool idea. I have lived without one for the last nine years. Not happily, I should add.

See these trees? And this weird slanted yard?

Yea, no pool here folks!

Today it’s ridiculously hot. People are being warned to stay hydrated and in cool locations. Indiana is included on the dangerous heat index map. I’m sweating right now and I’m inside. Blek! My girls were invited to swim at a friend’s house. They split! I’m home in the a/c. What’s new?

I’d rather be here.

Or here.

Doing this.

Oh and check this place out—-> STILTSVILLE
Looks so awesome!

How are you staying cool today?
(I <3 Pinterest!) Dear Lord Thank you for my home. Because of you I am blessed to live with a/c and many other amenities that other's do not. Complaining about what's missing steals away from the gratitude that I truly feel. I'm sorry. Amen.

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