Sick Day, Already?

Waking up at the evil early hour of 6:30am after a summer of sleepin’ in sure can wreck a person’s positive attitude! I did it, but I didn’t want to. I’m really not a lazy mama….I just don’t like an alarm clock bossing me around. Ya know?

We buzzed on to school and wouldn’t you know…the traffic jam problems? Still there. It reminded me how much I loathe the drive to school each day. Blek! It’s a test of the highest kind…..I catch myself whispering, “Hold it together Mama, WWJD?”. But man, I want to honk my horn! Hehe. [picture, twisty mouth]

Everything was going fairly smooth until lunchtime when the main office called me on my cellphone. I hadn’t been near the thing all day. I was sitting at my desk eating a salad when the call came. It was a medical emergency and they couldn’t “find” me. Huh? What? I’m where the bosses scheduled me to be. You can’t find me? Come on now!

My poor baby was in the school nurse. My kids never go to the nurse, ever. Unless it’s with me, for something specific. I headed down to find her writhing in pain (Hello, mother nature!!!! You cruel beast! On the first day of school? Seriously!) and begging for something, anything to make it stop. Poor kid. I’ve been there…..more than once.

Lucky for me, I have a college age son at home who could run up and pick up the patient. So, there you have it. Gates takes her first day of school and uses up 1/2 of it for a sick day. Hopefully, she’ll be feeling awesome tomorrow and I won’t get any wacky calls on my cell.

Yea, school is officially a fun buster! And obviously, not the best place for a bout of the cramps!

Get well soon, my baby! We’re a team, remember? I can’t go without you & that’s final!

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