Goodbye Summer

I’m trying hard not to mourn the end of my break. Considering how much I love being off from school….I’m not doing a very good job. Girlfriend is depressed! It doesn’t help that Gates is dragging around dreaming up ways to miss her first day back too. She’s worse off than me on this subject AND I HAVE TO WORK THERE not bebop around as a student.

Oh the gall!

I was talking with another staff member yesterday at the grocery store and she summed it up exactly. It’s not that the summer is ending, it’s that school is beginning and once it does that…it’s like a rollercoaster–you can’t get off until it’s over! So very true!

Looking at it that way…..I’ve figured out who I am on the ride. The screamer! From takeoff to screeching stop….I’ll be wide-eyed and shaky! By God’s grace, I’ll make it through. Right?

If you don’t mind and you happen to think of me, pray that God would use me in spite of me and bless all that I do this year at school. I don’t want to waste His time or mine!

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