Rolling On

Vacation is slowly fading behind me. I’m cruising down the highway through Alabama right now at a speed I shouldn’t admit. Hubby’s at the wheel and the punks are lined up in back. We’ve have had a great week just being free to swim, rest or do whatever tickled our fancy.

The sun seemed to toy with us this week and rain chased us around constantly. But we didn’t let it drag us down, we played anyway. Our family ended up in one of the many pools during a little rainstorm yesterday and played a mean game of volleyball with our friends the Nelson’s! It was so much fun…even if I had to have hubby hold me up in the deep end so I could serve! 😉
Oh and the old people? We beat the young healthy whippersnappers 2 out of 3 games. Hehe!

It was more than great to get away. We had a blast from the beginning to the end of our adventure. I just can’t wait to sleep in my own bed and to love on my dog (Miss Lizzy)! Trips are exciting……but home really is Home SWEET Home!

We’ll miss you soft sandy beach.

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