I Remember

Like every other American, I remember exactly where I was. I was getting dressed for my church’s first women’s Bible Study (and I was the teacher). My husband was in Louisville, Ky. attending seminary classes. Our little brood of babes were safely tucked into their elementary school classrooms.

I stepped out of the shower and heard Jon & Sherry on KLove say something was terribly wrong in NYC. Quickly, I turned on my television and stood in shock as the images flashed across the screen. Like most I’ve spoken with about it….I thought it couldn’t be real. Nothing like this could be happening, in real life. Maybe in a movie, but not in my world.

Looking back, 10 years later. I see my world with such different eyes. My children don’t remember a USA that wasn’t so vocal about terrorism. Life for everyone changed that horrible day.

Over the weekend, I’ve watched hours of 9-11 footage. I sat in awe as I watched 102 Minutes on the History channel. It was raw and real but full of incredible acts of humanity. I’ve always known I lived in the greatest country….on days like today–I’m beyond proud to be an AMERICAN!!

Dear God–
You are the King of Peace. Reign down on our world your goodness and mercy. Thank you for the strength of the people in America. Remind us, everyday…that you are our only hope!


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