In honor of Blue Friday, I think it’s only appropriate for Colts fans (like me) to take a moment blogpost of silence. Last night’s awful news of our beloved QB Peyton Manning and his third neck surgery have forced me into a big boohoo of sadness! As was reported, it is very likely that #18 will not return to the playing field at all this season. I’m speechless and uber sad!

I know it’s just football, ya’ll! But seriously! I LOVE THE COLTS!!! This will now be a totally different team with a new Quarterback. Let’s just hope Kerry Collins can step into such a role! {Wishing him the best!}

Sunday/Monday football just won’t be the same at my house.

So, don’t mind me…I’ll just be wearing my blue and cheering my team on anyway!

God bless #18! GET WELL SOON, Peytie Pie!

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