Watch Out

When you least expect it…..God has a blessing for you! Yesterday, I almost missed mine. My youngest, Gates is at the very end of her orthodontic appointments. {She’s so excited to get them off in October and see her beautiful smile minus all that metal!} Just like having a baby–the last set of appointments are many and close together. Which can be a little invasive to your work schedule.

Hubby had to pick us both up and drive us to the out-of-town appointment. We were going to drop him off at another location where he could work on someone’s laptop and pick him up afterwards. When we pulled into the ortho’s parking lot, he noticed a familiar car.

OUR FAVORITE FRIENDS FROM ANOTHER TOWN WE LIVED IN OVER 10 YEARS AGO! Like our besties! Who we haven’t been able to get together with in almost 2 years! Seriously!

Isn’t God so cool?

If you’re like me, then you know….God loves to show off with his blessings. This is definitely one of my favorite joys! We ended up staying together all afternoon and going to grab a meal. We managed to catch up on all of our family happenings and even set a date to get together like we used to.

Thank you for blessing me with the greatest friends. You know just how to blow my mind.

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