He’s like family

Today we partied with our best friends (Dale & Tabbi).  We’ve been friends a long time.  Our kids have grown up together.  We love them and they love us.  Even with all of our busy lives…..when we are reunited after a long hiatus, we pick right back up as if time hadn’t even separated us.  That’s REAL FRIENDS!!

Their oldest son, Nicholas graduated on Friday night from Christian Academy in Indiana.  Yay to you Nick!  What an exciting time in your life!  We pray God uses you in a mighty way. 


Nicholas (THE MAN) GO 2010!!

Nicholas, Nathan & Gavin (tall handsome boys)

WHY I ATTEND PARTIES!!! (yes, I’m a punchaholic)

Cool cake…even if it is a Boilermaker motif!

Nicholas & Gavin (facing a great big world)

Don & Gavin zinging along.

Ally & Gates out on the dock

Tyler & Ally

Gates & Me in the hammock. We were tired from the paddleboat.

I paddled over to jump on this trampoline (Gates wouldn’t let me)

Congratulations, Nicholas! We’re so proud of you! We loved your party too. Thanks for sharing your special celebration with our family. WE LOVE YOU!!

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