He knows me…

It’s amazing how God works.  Just when you need a special touch….He’s there!  Yesterday, I struggled with writing my feelings for the world to see.  They were very personal and I honestly do not want to play the smear game.  That’s not why I shared any of it.  My heart and head have been in a battle with how to handle my feelings.

So I wrote it down.

Later in the night….I noticed a friend had posted on my Facebook status.  Her words were like a healing salve rubbed gently on a tender wound.  She didn’t have to say anything.  She had been forgiven a long time ago.  But God knew.  He knew just what I needed in a time of vulnerability.  She shared a little piece of her heart and I’m forever grateful.

I was reminded…..He loves me.  He’s watching over me.

I never have to fight any battle!  He’s all I need!


I’m rich!  I’m abundantly blessed because of you.  Your love for me blows my mind.  Thank you for sending my special friend to me just when I needed it most.  I pray for her and her family.  They are facing challenges that only you know of.  Help them face each with courage and honor.  Thank you for forgiveness.  It’s so sweet to live free.


PS: Tonight, another friend sent something so encouraging after returning home from a school event.  Again, healing words at just the right time!  GOD, YOU ROCK!!!

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