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Yea, for me! It’s fall here in Indiana which means time for a little break! I love living in a place that acknowledges the importance of enjoying the gorgeous leaves and chilly weather by taking a few days OFF!

Woohoo, baby!

So, I say all that to let you know (not that this is lifechanging information for you) that I’m all hopped up on YEEHAW vibes because today is my Friday at work! Yay, yippee….wahoo!

The only down side (if there can be one) to my fall break happy is that my hubby and son are departing tomorrow for the long journey across the US of A. My in-laws are moving and never coming back (just kidding) to Washington state, taking with them…everything they have left to their name. Which isn’t a whole lot. They have two vehicles and a camper full of belongings–imagine how freeing that would feel?

The trip begins on Friday and from what I can tell….they are trying to map it out to drive around 10 hours each day. My son will drive one vehicle and hubby the other. Each of them have their own idea of how this little adventure will play out.

Have you ever taken grandparents on a loooooong trip? If so, maybe you know a little about all this entails. They are excited, nervous and hopeful that they will arrive in time to catch their flight back to Indiana. Fingers crossed!

The girls and I are staying behind of course because we have jobs & school that frown upon 10 day vacay’s in the middle of life. 🙁

Washington is far, far away. I’m going to miss them! I know they’ll be in good hands with my brother & sis-in-law. I can’t wait to hear all about the new lives they are creating in such a beautiful place.

Who knows….maybe someday, I’ll get to travel there myself to visit!

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