Goodbye Team Washington

It’s 11:45am. My guys just pulled out of the driveway with grandparents loaded to the hilt for the trip of a Clampett lifetime. It’s been a hectic morning trying to get them out the door. Just goes to show you… You can never prepare enough and trips are hard work. Prayers for them all.

For me (here left behind) it looks like fall break came just in time. I’ve gotten a little too tired and now have a fibromyalgia flare-up to contend with. Boo! My throat is sore, my arms and legs feel as if they’re full of lead and I’m exhausted! So, I’ll be resting while I hold down the fort.

Don’t worry about me though….I’m thinking of making these—–>

Seriously? Homemade TWIX BARS? Somebody, S T O P M E !!!
Darn! I don’t know why this link isn’t working. I’ll let you know how it goes as soon as I can hit the store for sugar & such. 🙂

Happy fall weekend, friends.

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