Since You Been Gone

Thank you Kelly Clarkson. I know you didn’t have {my husband} in mind when you belted out that tune on the airwaves. But since this is my blog and the stuff I’m whining about is my life the chorus of your song just seems to fit!

Since HE’S been gone….crazy stuff has been happening. Where do I begin? Let’s start at the beginning.

FRIDAYWe’ll call it FLAT TIRE FRIDAY! I discovered the expensive and complicated little problem as I was pulling out of my driveway. The car felt funny as I backed out of the garage and by the time I made it up the hill of our street….I knew what that weird feeling was. 🙁

I turned around and headed back home…knowing that would be the end of driving my car for the next 10+ days. Can you change a tire on a Suburban? Yea, me neither! So parked, it is! My alternative? Gavin’s car. I know how to drive a manual but I CHOOSE not to, normally. Now that I’m “broke down” so to say, vroom vroom I go. Err, do you know how hard it is to find REVERSE? Geez!

Good times.

SATURDAYEveryone had somewhere to be. Gates was visiting Xavier with friends and Ally had to work. Since Ally’s schedule was a short one, I thought it’d be a good time to ride along and get some shopping done. FACT: Mama needed hair color from Sally’s!

While shopping in Target, I go over to the shoe department. I noticed a lady and her son on the boots aisle, so I wandered around killing time while she did her thing there (that’s where I wanted to browse). It was clear the little boy wasn’t having the best time (insert: Mom is ignoring him) as he was rolling around on the floor and the shoe bench while she pulled boxes off the shelves and chatted away on her cell. Again, I scooted around on the other lanes…waiting. Finally, I pulled up behind her and see her son is on the opposite end of the shoe area ALONE. She, of course is still on her phone and completely blocking the whole aisle. So, I just wait behind her (since I can’t get past her) until she packs up to move. By this time, girlfriend has tried on everything and has wrecked the whole place. She turns around and says to me, “Oh, I’m on the phone!” to which I reply, “It’s okay, I’m just shopping.” What happens next? SHE STILL JUST STANDS THERE….TALKING on her cellphone ABOUT STUPID PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP STUFF! I nearly laughed outloud.

Really? People act so crazy sometimes! Me, included as you’ll see next.

After I pick Ally up, we decide to go to dinner at Texas Roadhouse. Hello, it’s Friday night packed! So we slither around through the crowded room waiting for #239 to pop up on the screen. Finally, Ally notices a spot to sit on one of the benches. We wiggle on over and A asks this “young adult” girl who is busy texting on her iphone 4 if she was holding the seats. She says, “Just these” as she waves her hand NEVER LOOKING UP AT US in the general area of the bench. So A sits down and there is still room but I wait to sit since I wasn’t clear if she meant all of the space.

I stand there (remember, I’ve been on a slight fibro flare-up which means I have limited energy) and wait. I waited like 5 minutes and no one else shows up. So, I sat down (with the intentions of getting up if someone arrived to join her) and not 1 minute later three people got up right next to her on the other side leaving almost a whole bench. She scooted over and a few minutes later her man walked up with a beer in his hand and sat down. She blurted out for everyone to hear, “I TRIED TO HOLD YOU A SEAT BUT “THOSE” PEOPLE STOLE IT!!!”. I tried to keep my lips sealed (eyebrows up)….but it stabbed too deep. I looked at the guy and said, “I’m sorry, it was me…I’m not feeling well!”. She wouldn’t let it go (he was embarrassedly silent)! By this time the people around me are TICKED to the max and are speaking up. She was furious! Another family sitting beside her spoke up and called her on her behavior. She lost it then (spit out some expletives) grabbed her man’s beer, set it on a shelf and stormed out! Honestly, it was unreal! I was shaking it flipped me out so much. To put it mildly, my stress level skyrocketed.

Later, after we finally made it home from our 2+hour dinner out… someone decided to go 4-wheeling all over my yard. Literally, all over my back and front yard. It was after 11:00pm and I’M HOME ALONE with my two girls! Whoever it was seemed to arrive by way of the woods behind my house. The problem? They drove around and around my house (which is hilly terrain) for what seemed like a good 15 minutes. Did I mention it was really late and we were home alone? I opened my front door just as they jumped my curb and landed in my driveway. I could only see that it was an all-terrain vehicle (maybe a Gator or a Polaris) and it peels off! Up the street it zings as if it’s running from a crime. Then I decide—call the police and report it or drop it and get murdered by WHOMEVER they were later.

Yes, I dialed 911!

Not kidding. This has been my crazy life for the last 3 days and I have 8 more to go! Will we make it? 😉 Seriously, who can explain why all the excitement happens when the daddy is away? Honey, pray for us. We miss you! We need you too! Happy belated birthday!!

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