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In spite of what my son likes to tease about me, I love yardwork! Seriously, it’s very rewarding. That doesn’t mean I’m any good at it though. My yard is completely covered with giant trees. Which means, it’s very complicated to have a “pretty” yard. Flowers do not grow in shade, gardens do not thrive without constant sun and grass…..oh grass. GRASS NEEDS GOOD SOIL!!

Trees do not aid in good soil.

Trees cause problems. My trees are ooooold. They have been here so long that my yard is really their yard. The level of acid in my soil (or so I’m told) is such that grass just can’t grow like it should. I mostly have a yard made of moss. But it’s beautifully shady and people love it when they pull up and feel the cool breeze outside my house.

So, I’ve just learned to embrace what I’ve been given. I focus on my fish pond and whatever temporary plants I can stick out in pots for the limited sunshine that sneaks through the leaves each season. Except for right now. It’s fall in my neck of the woods and that means ONE THING!

L E A V E S !!!

Lots of leaves. So many leaves that when I let my little dog out to potty, she picks her feet up extra high as she walks out searching for a “safe” spot to do her business. Even she thinks, “these dudes are unruly”! 😉

For the last 9 years or so, we’ve had the very same leaf blower. My hubby bought it as a gift for himself after we moved into this house and he realized the harsh reality of raking our large hilly yard. It’s heavy, gas-powered and dirty. Not only that but it’s hard to crank! Just before he left on his trip, he mentioned it’s time to start “shopping” for a replacement.

The wheels started turning (in my little mind) and I began to wish for a blower that I could handle [to help out]. Something easy to hold and with a button to turn it on (not a pull crank). I always help with the leaves anyway and the guys aren’t always around when my back porch is knee deep in leaves. Something small would be perfect for me to do my part. Right?

So, today I went shopping at Lowe’s. You’d of thought I was making a lifetime decision. I read every box. I picked each blower up and tried to pretend I was ON THE JOB clearing the whole yard. Ok, I judged them based completely on appearance. Kidding!

Who won the beauty best choice contest?

This guy!

Pretty nifty, eh? I love it! It blows like a tornado! I would have blown my whole yard but I was in my pj pants and didn’t want my neighbors to think I’d lost it. >>THEY DON’T KNOW ME<< It's perfect! {NOTE TO THE MEN IN MY FAMILY: PERFECT FOR ME!!}
You see, a few years back I purchased a lawnmower for myself. I searched and shopped the world over for one that could handle my rough yard terrain but didn’t need a lumberjack to crank it. I found just what the doctor ordered when I stumbled upon Husqvarna’s key crank self-propelled mows like the dickens mower. I love it too.

My son doesn’t believe me, since he’s had to push it more than me. 😉 So Gavin….this is for you.

Dear Son,
I love my mower & my new blower. Don’t be fooled otherwise if your dad comes along and has you pitch-in around here by using either one. It’s just his way of saying–you are welcomed to live in our house and eat our food. Oh, and we love you! Teehee!
Mom <3 PS Just wait until I can get on the roof to clear limbs & such. My life is based on one glamorous moment after another. Happy Tuesday, friends.

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