It’s Always Drama

I live a life of entertainment. I jet-set around chasing my kids performances here and yonder. Well, I used to. Nowadays, I just chase around my baby Gates and to be honest…the kid is a hoot!

Remember a few weekends ago we were shivering our way around at the Ghost Walk. This weekend was the drama club’s fall Dessert Theatre. It’s a good time to have your regularly scheduled “dinner” and then go out for a show jazzed up with some yum-o desserts. Oh and coffee bar! Score!

The kids who perform at these events are incredibly talented. Mine included. She gets it honestly. Drama just comes…..naturally in my family. At any given moment you might find someone in character. Whether it be someone from a favorite tv show or imitating a real life friend. Acting crazy is what we do.

In Act III Gates plays the part of Shelly. She’s auditioning for a part in Anne of Green Gables….but as you will see, she’s a bit confused.

I know what you’re thinking, she’s wild.   I agree.  If you only knew how many “shows” I’ve watched with this kid.  She and her sister kept us occupied with fancy performances from the time they could walk.  Note to self:  Convert old videos STAT!

The world needs a little more drama. Don’t ya think?

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