Edge of Ick

I have battled the biggest headache today. I really haven’t worked in that much brain pain ever. Before lunch, I seriously considered leaving school sick. The pain wasn’t particular to one spot either– my right eye throbbed, the whole back of my head felt tight and shooting pains stabbed my brain all day . So, I used every coping method I could think of.

Yes, I tried taking something. It didn’t touch it. I stretched my neck, and rolled my shoulders. I relaxed. I rubbed my face, neck, eyes and shoulders. I smiled and thought happy thoughts. Nothing helped! I stuck with it and suffered through to make it home to collapse.

I ended up having to run a few errands. Once I made it home and thought I could rest…the headache sort of took a backseat. I met up with a severe case of nausea and funky stomach rumbles. The kind that force you into a FREEZE position. Like, I COULD NOT MOVE AN INCH!! I was stuck! The head thing started making a little sense then.


Gates needed food brought to her at school. Real food. She hadn’t eaten all day and was about to go into hair/makeup for her show which started at 7pm. I quick like a bunny ran to the stove and threw in a stuffed chicken breast with some frozen fries. All the while NOT BREATHING in or out of my nose (hence the barfing any moment feeling). I wanted my mommy! That’s how awful I felt.

Now, I wait. I’m suspicious of my well-being. Am I coming down with something or am I just icky from something I’ve eaten? I’m a little nervous to close my eyes and sleep. Surely I’m not the only one to wake up in the wee hours very ill!!?!! Hello, not a pleasure.

I’ll let you know how it goes. Right now, those sharp stabbing pains that were all over my head–they’re now in my stomach area. I DON’T WANT TO BE THE SICK KID!! Dern it, it’s Friday!

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