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They Call Themselves Planners

Friday, July 24th, 2015

By now, you’ve surely heard about or watched the video of the Planned Parenthood “doctor” discussing salvaging body parts of aborted babies as a service? Once again, society is faced with MORE KNOWLEDGE of the evil that reigns loud and proud (if you call catching them in a secret video whilst lunching casually – loud & proud) in their organization.

Everybody knows (at least those who give a rip about aborted LIVE BABIES) that Planned Parenthood is an evil entity hell-bent on servicing any woman or young teen who wishes to ditch a mistake. They call it planned parenthood, you know? Those of us who “plan” to parent don’t really need any of their services. Only those who need free or reduced birth control (and I’m not against that as an available service) except…..their big #1 job is performing abortions.

Anyone that doesn’t know that, is living under a rock or choosing NOT to know it on purpose. Which is your right. But, who is treated like the crazies in this country for sticking up for murdered babies? I’ll tell ya. It’s those of us who find their (PP) services to be disgusting and horrible. Don’t believe me? Tell someone you know that you are PRO-LIFE. Watch their face. Listen to their cockamamy reasons for finding it totally acceptable to suck out the unborn body of a baby living and growing every single minute inside its mother’s womb.

Before you walk away from the conversation, you will find yourself feeling like you are defending your very intelligence as a brain carrying human.

PRO-CHOICE folks are a group of people telling themselves the biggest lie on the earth.

It’s not a real live human and every woman should have the CHOICE.

Go ahead, send me all your protests against what I’m talking about and blast away at my knowledge of exactly what PP does for women. It won’t bother me a bit and it certainly won’t make me change my mind. Killing a baby (whether it was formed from rape, incest or just a really good night out partying) is murder and Planned Parenthood is the leading provider of this sick choice.

Now, for those of you who just can’t believe the newest news about harvesting tissue & organs for sale/profit….it’s just one more reason to shut this vile place down. Stop protecting this organization. Stop defending them. Stop destroying innocent lives of children who DON’T GET A CHOICE!

I’ve blogged about PP before. Our government sends them bakoodles of money and several businesses are affiliated with them as well. What in the world is it going to take to stop them from what many in our country so casually accepts as okay?

Did you know a dead person has more rights than a live baby?

Don’t believe me? Go dig up a corpse in a cemetery tonight and see what happens to you. Yet, you can go (and most likely not even have to pay for it because our government is quick to “help” you out) and abort a baby into the 24th week gestation.

24 weeks old
(In case you are unsure what a 24 week old fetus looks like)

This world is mad. This right is wrong. This organization is a pathetic excuse of a women’s help center. No denying it, I was sickened by the video that’s circulating around but what’s new with these people? I was sick of them before the video. I just wish the rest of our society was sick too.

born baby

Always a Kid

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

Something that I've picked up on here (at home with my mother) is that you never grow up….even if you do age in number, you're still a child.  Parents will boss you around forever.

Not that I'm complaining!

It's funny how you just naturally listen to what a parent tells you and then immediately think, "I'll do what I want".  Even if you agree with them.  I remember thinking as a teenager how dumb my mom was.  Duh!  Oh, the ups & downs of parenting.  I'm seeing that same dynamic playing out in my own child-raising.  I can tell when my own kids are thinking…..I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed.

So, I'd guess it's all normal.  Right?

Today is day 4 of radiation for my mom and the effects are starting to rear their ugly head.  She's had a rough day but I'm afraid it's really just the beginning.  It's getting harder to feel helpful because with this treatment regimen no one can help….the patient just has to go through it.  It's all kinds of ugly.

Cancer is cruel but the treatments are…. even more so.

I can't tell you how thankful I am to each of you that have left messages that you're praying.  Thank you!  I'm really blessed and so is she.

Edge of Ick

Friday, October 28th, 2011

I have battled the biggest headache today. I really haven’t worked in that much brain pain ever. Before lunch, I seriously considered leaving school sick. The pain wasn’t particular to one spot either– my right eye throbbed, the whole back of my head felt tight and shooting pains stabbed my brain all day . So, I used every coping method I could think of.

Yes, I tried taking something. It didn’t touch it. I stretched my neck, and rolled my shoulders. I relaxed. I rubbed my face, neck, eyes and shoulders. I smiled and thought happy thoughts. Nothing helped! I stuck with it and suffered through to make it home to collapse.

I ended up having to run a few errands. Once I made it home and thought I could rest…the headache sort of took a backseat. I met up with a severe case of nausea and funky stomach rumbles. The kind that force you into a FREEZE position. Like, I COULD NOT MOVE AN INCH!! I was stuck! The head thing started making a little sense then.


Gates needed food brought to her at school. Real food. She hadn’t eaten all day and was about to go into hair/makeup for her show which started at 7pm. I quick like a bunny ran to the stove and threw in a stuffed chicken breast with some frozen fries. All the while NOT BREATHING in or out of my nose (hence the barfing any moment feeling). I wanted my mommy! That’s how awful I felt.

Now, I wait. I’m suspicious of my well-being. Am I coming down with something or am I just icky from something I’ve eaten? I’m a little nervous to close my eyes and sleep. Surely I’m not the only one to wake up in the wee hours very ill!!?!! Hello, not a pleasure.

I’ll let you know how it goes. Right now, those sharp stabbing pains that were all over my head–they’re now in my stomach area. I DON’T WANT TO BE THE SICK KID!! Dern it, it’s Friday!

Noooooo, I will not get sick!

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

All day, I battled this killer headache. I even let it get to me to the point of getting a little grouchy at school. Sorry kids! It was one of those smile stealer kind. Since I like smiling… was annoying me to be feeling that crummy! By the time I got home from school, I was getting that burning sensation in my throat! Oh yea, I’m getting sick! Darnit!!

And it’s Friday! Boo, to you sorethroat and throbbing sinus head! Yuck!

I mentioned my plight on a Facebook status and immediately got some wild advice from friends; gargle with pickle juice, Wild Turkey and hot salty water. Not all at once, pick one and do it. Hmm, I’m feeling a bit desperate. I will surely try the salty water. I don’t have any liquor and I hate the stinky smell of the pickle juice. But hey….whatever works right? I might be stinking like a garlicky pickle all day. Sorry innocent bystanders! πŸ˜‰

I want to share a sweet link that Beth Moore blogged about over at LPM. It’s a great new ministry for families with struggles of a special kind….hidden disabilities! I’m so excited about this. Go see what you think.

I Stink

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

No…not like a sweaty middle school kid! I stink at blogging! I’ve just been too pooped to post! So, if you’re wondering what’s up with me….that’s it! I’m just fizzled!

It’s part of that “back at school” lifestyle. I cannot go and go like I wish I could. Fibromyalgia has to dictate much of my energy which means, it steals it and runs away! Boo!

My kids think I’m lazy (I think they do anyway) because I come home and crash on my bed for a little rest. It’s a bummer! But I can’t help it! I have to do that or I’m going down, hard!

I posted a status on my Facebook page yesterday about a nap and an old friend from high school (WHO DOESN’T HAVE KIDS OR A HUSBAND)promptly commented back that she’s NOT A NAPPER and that while I’m resting the world is passing me by!! πŸ™

Really? I didn’t realize that! I should just stop being such a loser! I wanted to point out that I’m not just being lazy…..I have this crummy condition that robs me of normal life stuff. That’s just one of the frustrating parts of having this crazy fibro! People don’t see — sick! They see a fairly normal looking person and assume they are being lazy!

I hate it!

I don’t like to complain about it and honestly I try to ignore the whole thing most of the time. But when I’m working……it’s much more of a bother. Stress and long hours (mostly early ones) wear me out! I consider myself pretty healthy compared to many folks I know with fibro. I’m able to have a job and take care of my busy family.

I consider that a blessing from God!

If you know someone suffering with Fibromyalgia……take the opportunity to encourage them. It means a lot! And please, don’t assume they are lazy! Ok? πŸ˜‰

It’s a doggy miracle!

Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

I won’t even try to pretend that I’m not a bit crazy over my dogs…..I love them! I don’t do weird stuff for them or anything (like cook human food and serve it to them). No I feed them dog food. I realize they are “dogs” and I treat them accordingly. But I am thankful for them and their sweet loyalty and love that they show my family. Both our dogs are super sweet!

On Monday, I noticed our lab Maggie was acting so strange. She fell asleep in the middle of our kitchen and literally would not budge! She was stone cold out! I thought, hmm…she’s pooped! On Tuesday, when I walked in the house from school I nearly flipped out to find she had barfed in two huge spots on my family room rug! Eeek! It was horrible! She was clearly not ok.

I tried to figure out what was wrong….but she was down in our woods staggering around like a drunk person. The cats were surrounding her and acting weird (yea…a cat acting weird, I know). I called her repeatedly to come back up to the house. Finally she did. Only to fall down and just give out. We put her to bed in her room thinking….she’s probably gotten into some rotten food from one of our many brilliant neighbors.

By Wednesday, girlfriend was knocking hard on deaths doors. She was sick….and she wasn’t looking to pull through the night! It was grim! We cried. We called Gavin because his last words to us were…..”if anything happens to my dog…..PLEASE CALL ME! I don’t want to come home and hear…..Oh Maggie died!”. He said, “I’m coming home tonight!”. And he did!

We all sat around with her…..just stunned that our sweet dog was at the end of her short 9 year life. She was not able to get up at all and could barely lift her head. We just felt awful! She’s been the sweetest pet ever. Her reputation in our neighborhood is of queen status! There isn’t a neighbor that doesn’t love her. She’s been inside everyone’s home and eaten many good meals while she was there. Everybody loves black Maggie!

Thursday night….it was killing us. She was literally a weak two ton mass! We could give her little cups of water every little while but that was it. We prayed for God to go ahead and take her….we didn’t want to see her lay withering away (if he was taking her on). Our hearts were breaking…watching her go.

On Friday, we drug ourselves to school. Dreading coming back home, thinking this would be it. She would certainly have passed on by then. We opened the door and Ally hit her right in the face….SHE WAS STANDING AND WAGGING HER TAIL!!! It was just like old times. She wanted outside. She was still so weak, but she could walk and sniff. She drank a gallon out of the pond and did a loooooong tinkle in the grass and kept wagging that big fat tail!

We were dancing and squealing! Thanking God for giving us back our sweet Maggie! She was like….what’s up!?
We cannot figure it out. Either she was poisoned and we loved her back to life….or she had a virus/infection. We just do not know!

Thank you God….for loving us enough to create such sweet animals. We are blessed by you and your workmanship! Thank you for giving us a little more time with our Maggie dog!