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It’s a doggy miracle!

Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

I won’t even try to pretend that I’m not a bit crazy over my dogs…..I love them! I don’t do weird stuff for them or anything (like cook human food and serve it to them). No I feed them dog food. I realize they are “dogs” and I treat them accordingly. But I am thankful for them and their sweet loyalty and love that they show my family. Both our dogs are super sweet!

On Monday, I noticed our lab Maggie was acting so strange. She fell asleep in the middle of our kitchen and literally would not budge! She was stone cold out! I thought, hmm…she’s pooped! On Tuesday, when I walked in the house from school I nearly flipped out to find she had barfed in two huge spots on my family room rug! Eeek! It was horrible! She was clearly not ok.

I tried to figure out what was wrong….but she was down in our woods staggering around like a drunk person. The cats were surrounding her and acting weird (yea…a cat acting weird, I know). I called her repeatedly to come back up to the house. Finally she did. Only to fall down and just give out. We put her to bed in her room thinking….she’s probably gotten into some rotten food from one of our many brilliant neighbors.

By Wednesday, girlfriend was knocking hard on deaths doors. She was sick….and she wasn’t looking to pull through the night! It was grim! We cried. We called Gavin because his last words to us were…..”if anything happens to my dog…..PLEASE CALL ME! I don’t want to come home and hear…..Oh Maggie died!”. He said, “I’m coming home tonight!”. And he did!

We all sat around with her…..just stunned that our sweet dog was at the end of her short 9 year life. She was not able to get up at all and could barely lift her head. We just felt awful! She’s been the sweetest pet ever. Her reputation in our neighborhood is of queen status! There isn’t a neighbor that doesn’t love her. She’s been inside everyone’s home and eaten many good meals while she was there. Everybody loves black Maggie!

Thursday night….it was killing us. She was literally a weak two ton mass! We could give her little cups of water every little while but that was it. We prayed for God to go ahead and take her….we didn’t want to see her lay withering away (if he was taking her on). Our hearts were breaking…watching her go.

On Friday, we drug ourselves to school. Dreading coming back home, thinking this would be it. She would certainly have passed on by then. We opened the door and Ally hit her right in the face….SHE WAS STANDING AND WAGGING HER TAIL!!! It was just like old times. She wanted outside. She was still so weak, but she could walk and sniff. She drank a gallon out of the pond and did a loooooong tinkle in the grass and kept wagging that big fat tail!

We were dancing and squealing! Thanking God for giving us back our sweet Maggie! She was like….what’s up!?
We cannot figure it out. Either she was poisoned and we loved her back to life….or she had a virus/infection. We just do not know!

Thank you God….for loving us enough to create such sweet animals. We are blessed by you and your workmanship! Thank you for giving us a little more time with our Maggie dog!