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(Don’t Click Post)

Friday, March 30th, 2018

After getting into a little fender-bender with a friend on Facebook this last week…I got a little taste of what people mean when they announce on social media they are cleaning up their friend list or taking a leave of absence from Facebook/Twitter/Whatever.

I couldn’t stand the icky feeling I had all over me (inside & out) after going back & forth with another believer over a stupid video. All I could think of is how can I wash this crap off? My heart felt dirty and the truth is that social media just isn’t for everyone.

I admit, I like having access to friends and family. I love reconnecting with people I’ve not seen in a coon’s age. I try to be a healthy user of social media but I haven’t always made it with a clean heart or mind. It’s full of clutter, meanness and bonkers opinions (mine included, I’m sure).

I read an article today about how unhealthy the habit is to get hooked on social media. Duh. Not shocking. Over the years, I’ve noticed more and more kids have social media accounts. The writer encourages parents to put the kabosh on their kids having a Facebook or whatever page as long as possible. Really, no middle schooler or below at all should have social media at their fingertips.

After my own grown up experiences there I realize that handling such a tool takes wise discernment and serious maturity. If I can get lost in a rabbit hole for hours, imagine what our kids who don’t have jobs or responsibilities can do. Also, if I can get in a tiff with another GOD LOVING adult…think of all the troubles a kid can get into.

Facebook isn’t evil, persay…but it isn’t a holy place nor is it set up to be a reality that you and I truthfully have thousands of close friends. So, just think for a minute some of the things you’ve shared or confessed on Facebook. Would you do that at the grocery store? Or the doctors office? Because that’s pretty much the same thing. People who mean zero to you or even strangers can see what you’ve said. Ewww.

Look, the truth is….we not only treat our kids as if they are self-employed and can manage themselves, we forget to manage our own lives.

We need managers. Our kids, need managers. Our role is to help train them to protect themselves, their hearts, minds and reputations. Also, if we haven’t learned that responsibility ourselves for our own lives….we are in trouble!

I’ve written my own reasons to pump the brakes on Facebook:

1. It robs you.

If you have FB on your phone, you probably peruse through the posts every chance you get. That sucks time from you and the ones you should be investing in. It steals hours of your free time. Stop letting it do that. Use it sparingly!

2. It opens your heart to sin.

Whether it be you get angry with someone who’s posted something ridiculous or you lust over the many vacation posts, shopping trips, new something or another’s or even someone sporting their bikini bod. You and I are made of flesh. We get jealous, we wish we had what someone else is showing off and we also have cruddy thoughts because of what we are exposed to on FB.

3. It dumbs us down.

Believe it or not, social media plays a giant role in molding us. It triggers impulses to follow whatever hot topic is on the books for that time. It also tricks us into believing something someone posted was true. We see it, it looks legit and we mark it down as so. Pretty foolish of us, but we do it. Look up what you see online before you share it or post it yourself.

4. It wrecks relationships.

I got into a rumble with a friend. Seriously. It’s not worth it. I have also been contacted by people who were trying to make the smooze on me. Nutballs are on there for not so nice reasons. Don’t get yourself in a situation that threatens your real relationships. How many kids have you seen on the news in trouble for an online relationship?

5. It does nothing for your soul.

You will more than likely never become a better you because of Facebook. The goal of social media has nothing to do with your eternal well being. It’s all about information and sharing it to further their agenda. Just last week it was revealed that Facebook sold yours and mine information for money. All the time you thought you were just making a good old connection with friends….Mark Z was cashing in on you! Beware!

6. It’s addictive.

I can think of a lot better things to be addicted to and social media isn’t on the list. Don’t do drugs either! It sucks you in for hours and in the meantime, your house is dirty, you haven’t exercised and everyone’s hungry. Don’t fall for the trap!

7. It jacks up your real social activity.

You and I need people. We need interaction, face-to-face! Relationships help us grow and mature. Iron sharpens iron. Social media can help but it can also stunt our growth. If all we do is hide behind a screen…we aren’t getting out there and mingling with the world. Go love someone and get loved back. Go talk with a friend in real life. Don’t just message and make promises.

8. It opens us up for temptations.

I’ve experienced my own moments of wishing I had what someone else was posting. Sounds stupid but that’s a form of temptation. I’m not looking for love or anything like that online but many others aren’t either and end up destroying marriages and families because of something they found online.

9. It can leave us looking foolish.

Just scroll back through some of your comments or posts. Yikes. I want to run screaming from the FB room just thinking of it.

10. It doesn’t give you real life friends.

If you ever made it out of middle school alive then you know NOT EVERY ONE IS YOUR FRIEND! People will chummy up with you simply to get the juice of your life and they don’t always have good intentions. Why open yourself up to such a risky thing. Go make real friends. Do actual things with people who want real relationships.

I’m not giving up my Facebook page. But I am changing a lot of my habits and ways. As with anything in this world, caution is a must. I have wasted too much time on social media. Time that I cannot get back and I regret it. Especially when I find myself all upset over something I saw or read there. Why would I do that to myself on purpose?


I Can Do Anything….

Monday, August 1st, 2016

….but, NOT everything is beneficial. 1 Corinthians 10:23

You’ve probably heard this before, but…just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should.

That was the jist of yesterday’s message at church. Probably the most needed words I’ve had thrown my way lately. I’m guilty of jumping in with both feet to arguments that I don’t need to even show up for (especially, on social media).

I hate having such a passionate personality, sometimes.

Right now, I’m tensed up and tempted to jot down a response to what I think is utterly ridiculous on Facebook. But, I’m not. I’m so convicted by THE WORD God graciously allowed me to hear yesterday that I am putting my focus on what is better for me and the world I live in, instead.

I don’t have to show up for every argument. Neither do you.

Matter of fact, I don’t have to post snarky comments. I don’t have to push my VERY OPINIONATED comments onto anyone (I’m really sorry for stepping across any lines in the past that hurt or embarrassed anyone). Really. I am.

It seems that every social media avenue is laced with varied personalities: the religious pusher, the troll, the activist, the you must agree with me’ers, the angry political, the baiter’s (those who drop little nuggets to get you hot under the collar and run), the peacemaker, the raunchy dirty joker, the COMPLAINER, the perfect lifer, the hater, the inappropriate selfie photo’er, the education expert, the EX-whatever basher, the fight your personal battles online’er, the too much dirty laundry, the broken-hearted, the good news’er, the look at my successful lifer, the proud parent, the griever, the sickly, the fakes, the share button addicts, the hot button article poster, the instigator, the wishy-washy, the bragger, the see my success’er, the fashion addict, the partier/drinker/boozer, the positive attitude’er, the caught up in a time warp’er and just about everything in between….constantly in our faces.

It’s not good for us. It’s not good for our hearts, our minds or our joy. Controversial posts stir up something inside us that isn’t healthy. It turns us into people that look for trouble in a world that has enough trouble on its own.

Last night, I was out on a jeep drive with my family when we passed a police car all lit up down a country road. The first instinct was to yell, “Go back! I wanna see what’s happening!”. Until I thought about how foolish it is to seek out the terrible. Our society has slowly trained itself to focus on and seek out tragedy.

That’s why social media is so outlandish. It attracts the outspoken, it pulls in the weak and it lasso’s its power around what might be a good & tender heart but spits out just what the world is craving for, controversy.

I’m here to tell you….I’ve been a big fat voice of controversy. I have spoken my opinion loud and ugly. I’ve argued with friends, family and strangers. Ridiculously, argued or slammed down my opinion and left mad. Or ruined my own evening with the thoughts or frustrations of an online encounter.

Even with friends or people I love dearly. All because I disagreed with them on a topic or post. How foolish. How unfortunate.

I don’t want to be in that category anymore. I don’t want to see controversy and respond to it online. I don’t want to push hurtful or cruddy posts onto others.

I’m a believing follower of Jesus Christ. I want to act like it and show it in my speech, behavior and attitude.


Look, I believe a person can post something online with a heart that wants to enlighten (but, will it?). It’s the attitude behind it that causes trouble. I know many people who post harsh statements or articles with the intention of forcing others to agree with them. It’s sad.

I’m not calling out any one friend (I promise) who posts “out there” stuff. I’m talking to myself just as much as anyone. I’m sick of Facebook. I’m sick of the political garbage. I’m sick of people hating others. I’m sick of online fights. I’m sick of meanness. I’m sick of holier than thou do gooders. I’m sick of feeling like junk after scrolling through my social media pages. I’m sick of myself.

your job is

I can’t do what God has called me to do if I’m finding fault with everyone and everything I see on social media. I can’t be the light, I can’t be the truth, I can’t be the child of God that leads others to HIM – when I’m plowing through social media with a fine-tooth comb and a loaded gun opinion.

I have to bow out of this habit of joining in and clicking share when I see something controversial or “thought provoking”. Not everything has to be shared.

stop posting

Here’s some questions FOR ME to ask MYSELF when I feel pulled to respond or argue on social media:

1) Is my opinion going to make an impact on those who read what I say?

2) Will my strong opinion HELP others grow?

3) Is this opinion in line with my convictions? Is it holy, Godly, Christ-like, loving, kind?

4) Would I say it (my strong opinion) to every face of the persons reading it online?

I pray, from here on out that I’m a more thoughtful friend and family member online and off. It’s not my job to shut down the jerks of the world. It is my job to worry about ME!!

Your amazing love for me blows my mind. In spite of me, you still find me lovable and worthy. In spite of my popping off mouth or quick to judge attitude, you offer me grace. Thank you, God.

Cleaning My Facebook House

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012


I've noticed some things lately that just don't belong in my life.  Or on my Facebook page.  It's almost like they've snuck in past my personal security system (my good girl conscience) and blanketed me with their presence.  Stuff like; certain friends on Facebook that say whatever comes to mind without a filter, movies/shows/ads with crude humor, or even Pinterest pins.


I can't remember LIKING this one particular Celebrity page on Facebook, but I know that I did it because it regularly shows up in my feeds.  Every single post is something juicy or smutty about a celebrity!  Each time I read the junky headlines and look at the posted picture, I feel a heavy weight on my heart.

Sound crazy?

I guess the best way to describe it is conviction.  I feel convicted!

The stuff they post is first and foremost, gossip!  Not only is it blabber fodder for insider tid-bits on stars but it's always smutty and inappropriate.  Often the writers wrap it up all pretty with a concern or a question.  You know, to make it look like they're genuinely concerned for said person and JUST WANT YOUR OPINION!

It's a set up!

I can't find a good reason to remain friends on Facebook with anyone who spreads gossip (I wouldn't want to do it in real life, would you?).  So, I'm cleaning house.  Maybe you need to do the same.

When you log onto your computer, do you have to push past stuff that makes you feel uncomfortable?  If so, remove it!

Matthew 12:34  "Jesus says, For whatever is in your HEART determines what you say".

Are you posting words that someone might find offensive?  I'm not talking about your political views.  I mean, do you find crude photo's or funny sayings harmless?  I'm not here to beat up on you…but have you really thought it through?  

Each of us (as Christians) have a responsibility to shine bright for Christ.  If we're talking out of line and posting shady pins off of Pinterest….we aren't doing any shining for God.  We're leaving a dirty stamp of sin for everyone to see.  It's almost like the person who says they go to bars so they can be like Jesus and hang out with sinners.

It just doesn't work!  So, join me….clean house!

I Stink

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

No…not like a sweaty middle school kid! I stink at blogging! I’ve just been too pooped to post! So, if you’re wondering what’s up with me….that’s it! I’m just fizzled!

It’s part of that “back at school” lifestyle. I cannot go and go like I wish I could. Fibromyalgia has to dictate much of my energy which means, it steals it and runs away! Boo!

My kids think I’m lazy (I think they do anyway) because I come home and crash on my bed for a little rest. It’s a bummer! But I can’t help it! I have to do that or I’m going down, hard!

I posted a status on my Facebook page yesterday about a nap and an old friend from high school (WHO DOESN’T HAVE KIDS OR A HUSBAND)promptly commented back that she’s NOT A NAPPER and that while I’m resting the world is passing me by!! πŸ™

Really? I didn’t realize that! I should just stop being such a loser! I wanted to point out that I’m not just being lazy…..I have this crummy condition that robs me of normal life stuff. That’s just one of the frustrating parts of having this crazy fibro! People don’t see — sick! They see a fairly normal looking person and assume they are being lazy!

I hate it!

I don’t like to complain about it and honestly I try to ignore the whole thing most of the time. But when I’m working……it’s much more of a bother. Stress and long hours (mostly early ones) wear me out! I consider myself pretty healthy compared to many folks I know with fibro. I’m able to have a job and take care of my busy family.

I consider that a blessing from God!

If you know someone suffering with Fibromyalgia……take the opportunity to encourage them. It means a lot! And please, don’t assume they are lazy! Ok? πŸ˜‰