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(Don’t Click Post)

Friday, March 30th, 2018

After getting into a little fender-bender with a friend on Facebook this last week…I got a little taste of what people mean when they announce on social media they are cleaning up their friend list or taking a leave of absence from Facebook/Twitter/Whatever.

I couldn’t stand the icky feeling I had all over me (inside & out) after going back & forth with another believer over a stupid video. All I could think of is how can I wash this crap off? My heart felt dirty and the truth is that social media just isn’t for everyone.

I admit, I like having access to friends and family. I love reconnecting with people I’ve not seen in a coon’s age. I try to be a healthy user of social media but I haven’t always made it with a clean heart or mind. It’s full of clutter, meanness and bonkers opinions (mine included, I’m sure).

I read an article today about how unhealthy the habit is to get hooked on social media. Duh. Not shocking. Over the years, I’ve noticed more and more kids have social media accounts. The writer encourages parents to put the kabosh on their kids having a Facebook or whatever page as long as possible. Really, no middle schooler or below at all should have social media at their fingertips.

After my own grown up experiences there I realize that handling such a tool takes wise discernment and serious maturity. If I can get lost in a rabbit hole for hours, imagine what our kids who don’t have jobs or responsibilities can do. Also, if I can get in a tiff with another GOD LOVING adult…think of all the troubles a kid can get into.

Facebook isn’t evil, persay…but it isn’t a holy place nor is it set up to be a reality that you and I truthfully have thousands of close friends. So, just think for a minute some of the things you’ve shared or confessed on Facebook. Would you do that at the grocery store? Or the doctors office? Because that’s pretty much the same thing. People who mean zero to you or even strangers can see what you’ve said. Ewww.

Look, the truth is….we not only treat our kids as if they are self-employed and can manage themselves, we forget to manage our own lives.

We need managers. Our kids, need managers. Our role is to help train them to protect themselves, their hearts, minds and reputations. Also, if we haven’t learned that responsibility ourselves for our own lives….we are in trouble!

I’ve written my own reasons to pump the brakes on Facebook:

1. It robs you.

If you have FB on your phone, you probably peruse through the posts every chance you get. That sucks time from you and the ones you should be investing in. It steals hours of your free time. Stop letting it do that. Use it sparingly!

2. It opens your heart to sin.

Whether it be you get angry with someone who’s posted something ridiculous or you lust over the many vacation posts, shopping trips, new something or another’s or even someone sporting their bikini bod. You and I are made of flesh. We get jealous, we wish we had what someone else is showing off and we also have cruddy thoughts because of what we are exposed to on FB.

3. It dumbs us down.

Believe it or not, social media plays a giant role in molding us. It triggers impulses to follow whatever hot topic is on the books for that time. It also tricks us into believing something someone posted was true. We see it, it looks legit and we mark it down as so. Pretty foolish of us, but we do it. Look up what you see online before you share it or post it yourself.

4. It wrecks relationships.

I got into a rumble with a friend. Seriously. It’s not worth it. I have also been contacted by people who were trying to make the smooze on me. Nutballs are on there for not so nice reasons. Don’t get yourself in a situation that threatens your real relationships. How many kids have you seen on the news in trouble for an online relationship?

5. It does nothing for your soul.

You will more than likely never become a better you because of Facebook. The goal of social media has nothing to do with your eternal well being. It’s all about information and sharing it to further their agenda. Just last week it was revealed that Facebook sold yours and mine information for money. All the time you thought you were just making a good old connection with friends….Mark Z was cashing in on you! Beware!

6. It’s addictive.

I can think of a lot better things to be addicted to and social media isn’t on the list. Don’t do drugs either! It sucks you in for hours and in the meantime, your house is dirty, you haven’t exercised and everyone’s hungry. Don’t fall for the trap!

7. It jacks up your real social activity.

You and I need people. We need interaction, face-to-face! Relationships help us grow and mature. Iron sharpens iron. Social media can help but it can also stunt our growth. If all we do is hide behind a screen…we aren’t getting out there and mingling with the world. Go love someone and get loved back. Go talk with a friend in real life. Don’t just message and make promises.

8. It opens us up for temptations.

I’ve experienced my own moments of wishing I had what someone else was posting. Sounds stupid but that’s a form of temptation. I’m not looking for love or anything like that online but many others aren’t either and end up destroying marriages and families because of something they found online.

9. It can leave us looking foolish.

Just scroll back through some of your comments or posts. Yikes. I want to run screaming from the FB room just thinking of it.

10. It doesn’t give you real life friends.

If you ever made it out of middle school alive then you know NOT EVERY ONE IS YOUR FRIEND! People will chummy up with you simply to get the juice of your life and they don’t always have good intentions. Why open yourself up to such a risky thing. Go make real friends. Do actual things with people who want real relationships.

I’m not giving up my Facebook page. But I am changing a lot of my habits and ways. As with anything in this world, caution is a must. I have wasted too much time on social media. Time that I cannot get back and I regret it. Especially when I find myself all upset over something I saw or read there. Why would I do that to myself on purpose?


Enough Winter

Wednesday, February 5th, 2014


Porch before storm.


Now after the snow sky fell.

I don't know a single person who wants more winter.  It's safe to say that Hoosiers are tired of the snow, sleet & ice.  It's causing trouble at every turn.  The costs have been painful for everyone as well.  Businesses are struggling, jobs & schools are way behind what they should be and families are feeling the punch (I say punch because pinch just doesn't feel accurate) of high power bills & gas bills.

Winter has just been too much this year.  Enough is enough!

I met some neighbors last week who warned me of power bills that exceeded $750 a month.  That was eye-opening!  Especially since we haven't had the firewood we needed to get us through this season.  What we brought from our old house has been long gone (several storms back) and we haven't had a cooperative day to find another supplier to stock up our racks.

Mark my word!!!  Next year, we will be prepared!





How much longer can this go on? 


Burning Down The House

Thursday, December 29th, 2011

I spent the ENTIRE DAY cleaning my house!  I woke up and skipped breakfast to get a head start on what I knew was going to take me all day.  The Christmas decorations!  While I love having a lovely Christmas-y house, putting everything back in it’s place just feels….Ahhhhh, nice!

I gathered all the rugs, shook them & washed them fluffy clean.  I vacuumed and swept my whole house.  I scrubbed bathtubs, sinks, mirrors, floors and even managed a few loads of laundry as I went.

Bottom line?  My house was spiffy clean and smelled like heaven.

Until tonight.  My hubby made a rockin’ fire in the fireplace so we could enjoy the cozy while watching a movie.  {We actually had a fire going, he just brought in some SUPER WOOD}   SEE–>

I didn’t have a good feeling when I saw this blaze of glory.  So, I snapped a couple pictures innocently.  Then, the smoke came.  Strong and heavy until it ran us outside.  I happened to look back and this is what I saw next….

I could hear a strange sound coming from that side of the house.  I honestly thought my hubby had come out to do something.  So I walked over to that area and that’s when I could really see the embers flying.  THE CHIMNEY WAS REALLY ON FIRE!!

I realize this is difficult to see….but to be truthful, I was starting to flip out and it was dark.  There was a real fire going on in a dangerous spot that needed attention RIGHT THEN!

Hubby went straight to the roof with a huge bucket of water.  Ally ran to the back of the house to get a waterhose (which was almost frozen).  We moved a huge ladder by our scrawny selves (Uhh girl power)!  I had to block the fireplace opening with huge towels to try to dampen the blowing smoke.  Epic fail.  Smoke will fill your house–no way to keep it out!  🙁

Finally, it was out! 

It was discovered to be a problem that might not have been found had we not been putting on a movie.  Back in the summer, hubby repaired some of the bricks with a special poxy type substance.  When he added a large amount of highly flammable tree debris the high/hot flames ignited this poxy to a dangerous degree.  A DANGEROUS FIRE ENSUED!

I’m so very grateful that we were there when it happened.  We’ve had several fires this winter, matter of fact…we had been burning one all day.  Something about the size and substance turned very deadly within a matter of seconds.  I feel like we’ve been given a gift.

My house burned to the ground when I was 11 years old.  I was home with my mom and newborn baby brother.  There was nothing we could do but watch everything we own go up in smoke.  Neighbors helped us rescue our dogs.  I’ve never forgetten that fear.  It started in our fireplace.

You can bet… I’ll be sleeping with one eye open.

Please beware of dangerous fires in your home.  Even innocent ones in your fireplace can turn deadly.  After getting things under control, I couldn’t stop thinking of the family in Connecticut.  How easily everything could have turned deadly.


Monday, February 15th, 2010

See down there….that’s a long way to fall!

And that’s what will happen if my husband climbs onto our roof to repair the stopped up frozen gutters. Moments ago, we heard a terrible sound to homeowners….water pouring out onto hardwood from the top of the bay window. It appears the water is leaking back under the overhang and coming inside. This is not good, not good at all! We could have serious damage if this doesn’t stop.

See why I don’t want hubby on our slippery, frozen and very high roof? It’s not a good day for this type of situation! Oh wait, it’s not even daylight anymore either. It’s 11pm!

We need your help! Please stop that water from destroying our walls, window and roof. Help me to be still and know….you are in control here.
Thank you Lord