I Stink

No…not like a sweaty middle school kid! I stink at blogging! I’ve just been too pooped to post! So, if you’re wondering what’s up with me….that’s it! I’m just fizzled!

It’s part of that “back at school” lifestyle. I cannot go and go like I wish I could. Fibromyalgia has to dictate much of my energy which means, it steals it and runs away! Boo!

My kids think I’m lazy (I think they do anyway) because I come home and crash on my bed for a little rest. It’s a bummer! But I can’t help it! I have to do that or I’m going down, hard!

I posted a status on my Facebook page yesterday about a nap and an old friend from high school (WHO DOESN’T HAVE KIDS OR A HUSBAND)promptly commented back that she’s NOT A NAPPER and that while I’m resting the world is passing me by!! 🙁

Really? I didn’t realize that! I should just stop being such a loser! I wanted to point out that I’m not just being lazy…..I have this crummy condition that robs me of normal life stuff. That’s just one of the frustrating parts of having this crazy fibro! People don’t see — sick! They see a fairly normal looking person and assume they are being lazy!

I hate it!

I don’t like to complain about it and honestly I try to ignore the whole thing most of the time. But when I’m working……it’s much more of a bother. Stress and long hours (mostly early ones) wear me out! I consider myself pretty healthy compared to many folks I know with fibro. I’m able to have a job and take care of my busy family.

I consider that a blessing from God!

If you know someone suffering with Fibromyalgia……take the opportunity to encourage them. It means a lot! And please, don’t assume they are lazy! Ok? 😉

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