Cleaning My Facebook House


I've noticed some things lately that just don't belong in my life.  Or on my Facebook page.  It's almost like they've snuck in past my personal security system (my good girl conscience) and blanketed me with their presence.  Stuff like; certain friends on Facebook that say whatever comes to mind without a filter, movies/shows/ads with crude humor, or even Pinterest pins.


I can't remember LIKING this one particular Celebrity page on Facebook, but I know that I did it because it regularly shows up in my feeds.  Every single post is something juicy or smutty about a celebrity!  Each time I read the junky headlines and look at the posted picture, I feel a heavy weight on my heart.

Sound crazy?

I guess the best way to describe it is conviction.  I feel convicted!

The stuff they post is first and foremost, gossip!  Not only is it blabber fodder for insider tid-bits on stars but it's always smutty and inappropriate.  Often the writers wrap it up all pretty with a concern or a question.  You know, to make it look like they're genuinely concerned for said person and JUST WANT YOUR OPINION!

It's a set up!

I can't find a good reason to remain friends on Facebook with anyone who spreads gossip (I wouldn't want to do it in real life, would you?).  So, I'm cleaning house.  Maybe you need to do the same.

When you log onto your computer, do you have to push past stuff that makes you feel uncomfortable?  If so, remove it!

Matthew 12:34  "Jesus says, For whatever is in your HEART determines what you say".

Are you posting words that someone might find offensive?  I'm not talking about your political views.  I mean, do you find crude photo's or funny sayings harmless?  I'm not here to beat up on you…but have you really thought it through?  

Each of us (as Christians) have a responsibility to shine bright for Christ.  If we're talking out of line and posting shady pins off of Pinterest….we aren't doing any shining for God.  We're leaving a dirty stamp of sin for everyone to see.  It's almost like the person who says they go to bars so they can be like Jesus and hang out with sinners.

It just doesn't work!  So, join me….clean house!

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