They Call Themselves Planners

By now, you’ve surely heard about or watched the video of the Planned Parenthood “doctor” discussing salvaging body parts of aborted babies as a service? Once again, society is faced with MORE KNOWLEDGE of the evil that reigns loud and proud (if you call catching them in a secret video whilst lunching casually – loud & proud) in their organization.

Everybody knows (at least those who give a rip about aborted LIVE BABIES) that Planned Parenthood is an evil entity hell-bent on servicing any woman or young teen who wishes to ditch a mistake. They call it planned parenthood, you know? Those of us who “plan” to parent don’t really need any of their services. Only those who need free or reduced birth control (and I’m not against that as an available service) except…..their big #1 job is performing abortions.

Anyone that doesn’t know that, is living under a rock or choosing NOT to know it on purpose. Which is your right. But, who is treated like the crazies in this country for sticking up for murdered babies? I’ll tell ya. It’s those of us who find their (PP) services to be disgusting and horrible. Don’t believe me? Tell someone you know that you are PRO-LIFE. Watch their face. Listen to their cockamamy reasons for finding it totally acceptable to suck out the unborn body of a baby living and growing every single minute inside its mother’s womb.

Before you walk away from the conversation, you will find yourself feeling like you are defending your very intelligence as a brain carrying human.

PRO-CHOICE folks are a group of people telling themselves the biggest lie on the earth.

It’s not a real live human and every woman should have the CHOICE.

Go ahead, send me all your protests against what I’m talking about and blast away at my knowledge of exactly what PP does for women. It won’t bother me a bit and it certainly won’t make me change my mind. Killing a baby (whether it was formed from rape, incest or just a really good night out partying) is murder and Planned Parenthood is the leading provider of this sick choice.

Now, for those of you who just can’t believe the newest news about harvesting tissue & organs for sale/profit….it’s just one more reason to shut this vile place down. Stop protecting this organization. Stop defending them. Stop destroying innocent lives of children who DON’T GET A CHOICE!

I’ve blogged about PP before. Our government sends them bakoodles of money and several businesses are affiliated with them as well. What in the world is it going to take to stop them from what many in our country so casually accepts as okay?

Did you know a dead person has more rights than a live baby?

Don’t believe me? Go dig up a corpse in a cemetery tonight and see what happens to you. Yet, you can go (and most likely not even have to pay for it because our government is quick to “help” you out) and abort a baby into the 24th week gestation.

24 weeks old
(In case you are unsure what a 24 week old fetus looks like)

This world is mad. This right is wrong. This organization is a pathetic excuse of a women’s help center. No denying it, I was sickened by the video that’s circulating around but what’s new with these people? I was sick of them before the video. I just wish the rest of our society was sick too.

born baby

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