All Those Lasts

Every Mama knows….you cannot rewind time. Once a moment comes and goes, it’s gone. Kapoot! However, when you’re knee deep in little kid days…time seems to drag along.
little galloways
(Gavin, Ally & Gates in Salem, IN)

Ask any exhausted mom of 3 under 4 years old. She’ll probably say she feels stuck in a time warp.
little boys
(Gavin marching in the Octoberfest parade)

I remember the time warp days and I long for just one more moment of chaotic mom bliss. I’ve tried to pull from my mom brain file the last time I did _______ with any of my punks and somehow, those things are gone. Don’t ask me where they go or how they vanish from your mind but they do.
little homework
(Don & Gates working on homework)


Perhaps it has something to do with empowerment to move forward. The Lord knows, we would stay stuck in the warp if we knew this snuggle on the couch reading a Dr. Seuss book was the LAST TIME. Thank you, God.
little al

When my girls were small and I would help them with their showers….I had no idea the last time would be so easily forgotten. I don’t blame my brain for forgetting but I sort of wish I could help dry them (as little cuties) and brush out their long curly hair one more time.
little girl
(Gates & Ally)

Maybe that’s why I find it so easy to do special things for them now that they are all young adults. When they visit, I cook their favorite dishes. I love washing their clothes (I know, I’m a real sicko). I enjoy going shopping or just curling up on the couch with a good show or movie. It’s a gift, their time mixed with mine.
little gir
(Gates & Me)

I recognize how quickly time flies when you’re doing all those lasts.
little ally
(Ally & Me at a church picnic)

Soon, my “kids” will marry, move on and take on their own mortgages and yards to mow and gardens to plant. I have tons of lasts still to go and I love that God thought enough of me to give me 3 sweet darlin’s to experience this fun life with.
little boy
(Don & Gavin with his first car)

So, to you Mama’s who feel beaten down with tired from lack of sleep last night because of a fussy wide-awake baby or from all the running to and fro dropping off and picking up your kids — hold on tight, you’re not going to remember these moments when they are the last time.

But, you’ll always have the memories of the love you gave and the time you had with them. Cherish every moment.

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