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Just Walking It Out

Wednesday, November 8th, 2017

I spent hours on the phone with an old friend from seminary days today. We had a lot of catching up to do. So much has happened since our last conversation; I’ve been on a faith journey with my hubby’s unemployment and she, along with her family closed the door on a “cushy” ministry life/job in Alabama and moved to NEW YORK CITY to church plant.

Yea, I’m thinking of changing the name of my blog to The Chronicles of a Whiny Christian at this point. Who am I? What is my problem? Why can’t I be holy enough? Sacrificial enough? Willing to let THINGS go? All things. Not only stuff things. Dumb life things.

I appreciate that God is so loving to me that He lavishes me with life perspectives in all sorts of creative ways. Obviously, He knows my wormy pathetic’ness and goes above what He must have to with “normal” folks just to get my attention.

I have the flesh of a hundred humans.

I feel everything. Times a hundred. If it can be dramatized, sister has a show in store for ya. All I’ve done in this life is behave like a dang drama queen. I am the worst!

Don’t feel sorry for me (there I go again!) because I need to crash here and there to recognize my need to rest from all my chaos. Self-induced chaos at that. I’ve confessed repeatedly my tendency to pick up trouble & worry as attributes. I cannot hide that I love to fret and freak over just about every single thing.

Got an issue? Just let me know, I’ll stress over it for you.

I fired off questions to my fancy NYC friend and she answered every one of my curiosities with grace. As if, she had a choice. I’ve never been to New York, ever. All I know about the Big Apple I’ve learned from others and tv. Surely, I sound pretty lame but everything I’ve ever heard makes me feel completely intimidated. It’s also DANGEROUS there! Like, people die or get killed every day in all sorts of ways. Okay, they die here in the Indy area too. But, NEW YORK CITY!!! Come on. You know what I mean, right?

I know about those muggings!!! I watch movies!

Do you know how hard it is to buy a bedroom dresser? It’s ridiculous! In my world, if I want to purchase furniture….I do it and go get it. With my fancy vehicle (yea, they ditched their cars to serve Jesus in NYC!) I cruise on down the road (and yea, if I sit in traffic at a red light too long…I get JERKY!!!) and pick up my furniture and go home with it. That’s not quite how it gets done in NYC. She told me some of the crazy hoops they’ve had to jump through just to buy a dang dresser from IKEA.

They travel by foot and subway.

My life. Seriously.

I’m not trying to put anyone on a pedestal of faith here, she wouldn’t dare let me. I told her how impressed I was by her willingness to sacrifice so much and she mentioned all the need for Christ in NYC. Did I mention this lady is leaps and bounds ahead of me in spiritual maturity? Why WOULDN’T she give up her cushy life to serve God in bustling New York? Uhh, duh. Yea. I was thinking all that too.


After talking all morning, I got the feeling that all my troubles…the things I’ve felt so wrecked over here in my easy life are really not so gigantic afterall. I have so many simple luxuries that I take for granted. The things that I think I cannot do, I absolutely CAN DO! Nothing is so difficult, perhaps…challenging that I cannot push on through and do.

My ministry (and I do have one when I’m not succumbing to my own disasters) is to walk my walk right here where I am this very moment. Like my precious friend in NYC, she’s walking her ministry out there…doing just what God has called her and her family to do. God isn’t expecting me to do what she is doing. He’s called her to walk her road (or busy 5th Avenue, whichever) and me to mine here in Indiana. I need to stop comparing my journey with everyone else and so do you!

Just walk out your faith friend. Wherever it is God is calling you to walk.

And, something very important…. Don’t look back!

Noooooo, I will not get sick!

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

All day, I battled this killer headache. I even let it get to me to the point of getting a little grouchy at school. Sorry kids! It was one of those smile stealer kind. Since I like smiling… was annoying me to be feeling that crummy! By the time I got home from school, I was getting that burning sensation in my throat! Oh yea, I’m getting sick! Darnit!!

And it’s Friday! Boo, to you sorethroat and throbbing sinus head! Yuck!

I mentioned my plight on a Facebook status and immediately got some wild advice from friends; gargle with pickle juice, Wild Turkey and hot salty water. Not all at once, pick one and do it. Hmm, I’m feeling a bit desperate. I will surely try the salty water. I don’t have any liquor and I hate the stinky smell of the pickle juice. But hey….whatever works right? I might be stinking like a garlicky pickle all day. Sorry innocent bystanders! πŸ˜‰

I want to share a sweet link that Beth Moore blogged about over at LPM. It’s a great new ministry for families with struggles of a special kind….hidden disabilities! I’m so excited about this. Go see what you think.

Teen Focused Ministries ROCK!!!

Friday, July 9th, 2010

Ok, I know my last post was all ‘up in your face’ about teen girls. It’s something very near and dear to my heart. I’m a mom of two teen girls. I’m crazy about them and I want to provide the best resources available as they navigate this temptuous time in their lives. Satan is out to destroy, people! I don’t want his grubby paws on my sweet girls. He’s hungry to steal “whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable” in our young people. And I’m NOT going down without a fight!

That’s why I’m so stinkin’ excited to share one more ministry geared towards loving on teen girls. 2:21 the mag Exemplify Teen. First of all, this is a new magazine coming out in August (oh hurry up…but take it slow August). The whole concept began with Kristen who wanted to provide “good” stuff for girls (I love her!!) to read (I want to hug her). She’s a genius! Girls do want this! I know I did when I was their age and I know my girls crave positive healthy reading too. So, yahoo to you Miss Kristen!

Go here to meet the team they’ve put together to make magic!!

Ladies, I’m so excited to find your sweet ministry. Thank you for loving young girls so much that you’d put together such a great resource! I pray your efforts are blessed beyond measure! God is pleased when we step out in His name and just DO IT!!!

Now, for us big girls (ahem, women). Let me push you invite you to check out the mother ministry to 2:21 Exemplify Teen, Exemplify. This is how I stumbled upon the teen one. I love reading the blog and devotion’s they post. This is one of my favorite “go to” sites. Everyday is something special. You just have to go see for yourself! I love it so much…..I want to be a part of it. Ministering to girls & women is just one of my things. They bless me!


5 Things I love about my Pastor

Monday, September 28th, 2009

Over on Living Proof Ministry’s blog, Beth Moore shared some sweet thoughts about her pastor. I thought it was funny when I opened it up this morning. Why? Because… yesterday during church, I was thinking about how I loved my pastor too. I even planned to blog about him today. Weird, huh? Oh Holy Spirit….why do we wonder? πŸ™‚

I wanted to share a few thoughts about Pastor Bob. I know how difficult his job is (remember….I’m an ex-PW). There are many people to please in his line of work and oftentimes it’s impossible to do. But he never shows the wear and tear of ministry. He makes the job look easy. I admire him for that. I pray for him and his family. God uses His servants to minister in a variety of ways. They love ministry….and it shows.

5 Things I Love about Pastor Bob

1—He isn’t ashamed to worship. He doesn’t sit back and watch it happen. He’s one of the main players in the open admiration of our Lord Jesus. I like that. Worship is one of my favorite things to do. It’s all about you Jesus!

2—He loves people. I’ve heard him admit how hard it is to love people on a few occasions…..yet I sit amazed at how he really does. He’s an inspiration in that capacity. He does a great job of showing love. I know what “not showing love” looks like and Pastor Bob….you are not it.

3—His past has made him who he is today. Sin has a way of destroying a person. But God has a way of restoring and making them better than whole. I cling to my own gift of salvation and understand when Pastor Bob speaks so passionately about his own. I will never take God’s love, mercy and forgiveness for granted.

4—He doesn’t hurt or wound when he preaches. His words are strong yet caring. Some think preaching the gospel has to be a bit offensive. Not Pastor Bob. He says what needs to be said…..and it makes perfect sense. I hear a true servant’s heart when I listen to him.

5—He wants to be the best he can be for Christ. It can be draining to pastor a large church. Time can chase you down and run over you. Pastor Bob knows he has to rest, enjoy his family, escape and still minister. He does a great job managing all of that. Which in my opinion…shows in his outward living for God.

Yesterday, Pastor Bob spoke about a little dream he has for his future. When all is said and done (aka retirement days), he wants to minister for free to little churches in areas where they cannot afford a pastor. I completely understood what he meant. What a privilege that would be. I bet he’ll do just that.

God bless you, Pastor Bob. You make my family feel loved and cared for. We came to you wounded and tired from the very job you do. We pray that your ministry grows and reaches as far as the eye can see. Thank you for what you do….in the name of our Lord Jesus.