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5 Things I love about my Pastor

Monday, September 28th, 2009

Over on Living Proof Ministry’s blog, Beth Moore shared some sweet thoughts about her pastor. I thought it was funny when I opened it up this morning. Why? Because… yesterday during church, I was thinking about how I loved my pastor too. I even planned to blog about him today. Weird, huh? Oh Holy Spirit….why do we wonder? 🙂

I wanted to share a few thoughts about Pastor Bob. I know how difficult his job is (remember….I’m an ex-PW). There are many people to please in his line of work and oftentimes it’s impossible to do. But he never shows the wear and tear of ministry. He makes the job look easy. I admire him for that. I pray for him and his family. God uses His servants to minister in a variety of ways. They love ministry….and it shows.

5 Things I Love about Pastor Bob

1—He isn’t ashamed to worship. He doesn’t sit back and watch it happen. He’s one of the main players in the open admiration of our Lord Jesus. I like that. Worship is one of my favorite things to do. It’s all about you Jesus!

2—He loves people. I’ve heard him admit how hard it is to love people on a few occasions…..yet I sit amazed at how he really does. He’s an inspiration in that capacity. He does a great job of showing love. I know what “not showing love” looks like and Pastor Bob….you are not it.

3—His past has made him who he is today. Sin has a way of destroying a person. But God has a way of restoring and making them better than whole. I cling to my own gift of salvation and understand when Pastor Bob speaks so passionately about his own. I will never take God’s love, mercy and forgiveness for granted.

4—He doesn’t hurt or wound when he preaches. His words are strong yet caring. Some think preaching the gospel has to be a bit offensive. Not Pastor Bob. He says what needs to be said…..and it makes perfect sense. I hear a true servant’s heart when I listen to him.

5—He wants to be the best he can be for Christ. It can be draining to pastor a large church. Time can chase you down and run over you. Pastor Bob knows he has to rest, enjoy his family, escape and still minister. He does a great job managing all of that. Which in my opinion…shows in his outward living for God.

Yesterday, Pastor Bob spoke about a little dream he has for his future. When all is said and done (aka retirement days), he wants to minister for free to little churches in areas where they cannot afford a pastor. I completely understood what he meant. What a privilege that would be. I bet he’ll do just that.

God bless you, Pastor Bob. You make my family feel loved and cared for. We came to you wounded and tired from the very job you do. We pray that your ministry grows and reaches as far as the eye can see. Thank you for what you do….in the name of our Lord Jesus.