Noooooo, I will not get sick!

All day, I battled this killer headache. I even let it get to me to the point of getting a little grouchy at school. Sorry kids! It was one of those smile stealer kind. Since I like smiling… was annoying me to be feeling that crummy! By the time I got home from school, I was getting that burning sensation in my throat! Oh yea, I’m getting sick! Darnit!!

And it’s Friday! Boo, to you sorethroat and throbbing sinus head! Yuck!

I mentioned my plight on a Facebook status and immediately got some wild advice from friends; gargle with pickle juice, Wild Turkey and hot salty water. Not all at once, pick one and do it. Hmm, I’m feeling a bit desperate. I will surely try the salty water. I don’t have any liquor and I hate the stinky smell of the pickle juice. But hey….whatever works right? I might be stinking like a garlicky pickle all day. Sorry innocent bystanders! 😉

I want to share a sweet link that Beth Moore blogged about over at LPM. It’s a great new ministry for families with struggles of a special kind….hidden disabilities! I’m so excited about this. Go see what you think.

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