Downton Abbey

I’m full on addicted! I’m not even ashamed or embarrassed to admit it either. I started watching the first season on Netflix this weekend and I kid you not–I don’t want to do anything else!


It’s full of juicy interest from the bottom (the servants) to the tip-top (the wealthy Lord & Ladies). I can’t believe I’ve been missing out on this tv goodness! Now, I’m torn….go to work or call in sick so I can lay around all day watching the rest of season 1! 😉

I have to catch up…

It’s already a few episodes into the new season (airs on PBS) and I have to know IF MARY MARRIES MR. CRAWLEY and they live happily ever after. It’s killing me!

I’m usually late to everything wonderful, so if you’re already a fan and know the details of all that’s going on–DON’T TELL ME!

I plan to bury myself in Downton Abbey episodes every breathing minute I can for the next few weeks. Sort of like I did last year when I discovered LOST! Haha! See, how lame I am?

If you’re curious about my new favorite show, go HERE and see what all the hubbub is for yourself. It has a little bit of everything! You can thank me later.

Oh and since we haven’t had any snow days yet…..maybe a few wouldn’t hurt, soon! I told ya, I’m obsessed!

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