City Slickers

Who doesn’t love the city? It’s full of everything! It’s not like I live on a farm in a rural area of nothing. But any chance I get to go live it up city style, I go!

Martin Luther King Jr. Day allowed for some escape from the norm for my family and I. We managed to get up, dressed and out of the house by 11am. A large accomplishment when you live with three young adults who are currently functioning on 3rd shift! Ha!

That means, when you’re going to bed at night (you, being the adults with jobs & lives) they are just getting started on their day. They cook, party in the kitchen, scream-laugh at funny Youtube videos and play all tv shows as loud as they can….until you get up and go crazy ask them to PLEASE GO TO BED! [Which they don’t do!]


They sleep all day is what I’m getting at here.

So, see how exciting this is to be on the road to IKEA by 11? It’s huge, y’all! What we didn’t realize was that everyone else with the day off decided to hit IKEA too. It was jam-packed with people all meandering along shopping for cheap Swedish stuff just like us.

We scored. Hubby found a new desk chair for his new office at work.


This was our view on the way home. Isn’t Cincy a beautiful city? I love the sparkling lights and the flashing cars.


What I love most?

Is that I only live within an hour or so of 3 of the greatest cities ever. Cincinnati, Louisville & Indianapolis!

Yea, I’m a city slicker!

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