What’s Worthy

What will $3 dollars buy? In my world (high school) it might be something like this—>


It’s smell deceived me. It was rather disgusting! Which brings me back to my school rule…Don’t buy school lunch, ever! It was only $3, right? Still, a ripoff!

While I’m bearing my lunch choice soul it’s only fair to show you my most turned to meal—>


It’s actually tasty! I like the cost too, $1.00 for a fast easy meal. The only problem is that it’s small and I still want to eat after I’ve licked my fork clean. Not that I’m revealing poor manners…I’m just that hungry!

What is a good value? Lunches are quick for me so easy is my motto. It helps to be affordable as well. I wish I could say that I’m putting forth good effort to eat a good lunch…. The truth is I’m too rushed and just grab something as I go.

Hence my value issue.

What’s a hungry girl to do?

I need a chef

So, tell me…what are other busy mom’s eating for lunch?

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