Little Big Things

Life can be full of tiny little moments that have monumental meaning. It’s easy for us to miss them sometimes. I try everyday to live with intention and eyes wide open to what God has in store for me….but I still fall short.

Tell me I’m not the only one.

For the last few weeks I’ve been fighting a rotten infection. It’s kept me miserable and grouchy! Most illnesses are best slept off, but this particular one would have nothing of it! I couldn’t sleep and ended up exhausted every single day. Pain and fatigue together make an ugly cocktail for crazy train!

I felt hopeless.

Yesterday, I woke up feeling terrible. I tried to call in sick and missed all the call deadlines (in the school world, the sub call only lasts so long). So, I trudged off with another sense of dread. I knew if I called into the doctor, he would want to see me. This seems reasonable, but not if you’re trying to be very careful what you spend on medical care (hello, uninsured lifestyle). So, I just continued to feel miserable and sorry for myself.

I’m really good at that, if you haven’t picked up on it. 😉

After school, I drove straight to Walgreens and threw my body on the feet of the pharmacist (not literally, but in my mind…I was hugging her and calling to her “Mama” help me!?). Once I told her what was going on she recommended I have my doctor call in ___________! What? Geez, why haven’t I thought of that 2 WEEKS AGO?!! I’ve taken this prescription before and completely forgot all about its miracle workings!

Jesus take the wheel! I clearly cannot drive!

Within 30 minutes, I was on my way with the ONE LITTLE MIRACLE PILL that would change my life for the better! It was one of those tiny little moments that had monumental results in my life. TODAY, I FEEL LIKE A NEW PERSON!

Thank you Lord!

Oh and bonus? It was priced at around $15 for the generic (another total miracle, since we only seem to need $150 Rx normally) and with my new discount card it turned out to be $8!

I am not worthy, Lord! But thank you… take care of every little detail! All of which are monumental to me!

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