A Lesson For Me

Do you remember high school? For me, it was about 28 years ago….except I’m still there, really. I walk the same halls as my youngest everyday. I see the struggle of choices teens face and the sadness of wrong direction in their lives. Not a day goes by that I’m not witness to the depravity of sin in our world. It crushes my heart and knocks me silly in disbelief.

My youngest missed her winter homecoming last night, on purpose. It was one of those “teachable moments” in a parents life. I found her in the bathroom crying. Friends can be everything to a teenager and when you can’t find one that holds the same values as you…..it’s devastating! I think she had folded her heart up and stuffed it in her pocket in hopes of protecting herself from feeling the stuff that poured out last night.

She hurts for the friends that are choosing to be like the world.

How do I encourage my girl whose trusting me with information that is ugly and shameful about her Christian friends? Those moments don’t “just happen” in the life of a teen. Sins are kept secret and giggled about around unsuspecting parents. I’m her confidante and she needs me. She’s relying on me to direct her and hand over sound advice. She doesn’t need my judgement or self-righteousness. Even though my flesh wants to spew it!

It takes a strong person to walk away from sin. Sometimes it means not having friends. The effects of doing it can cost you. “All men will hate you because of me, but he who stands firm to the end will be saved.” (Matthew 10:22) If you’ve ever had to stand up for something you believed in…then maybe you know what it’s like to be ridiculed or excluded from a group. It can mess with your self-worth big time!

Unless, you’re absolutely clear about your worth in Christ Jesus!

Thank you for my girl who chooses you, even when I’m not around to push her in your direction. I feel ashamed of myself for only trusting so far. Forgive me. She’s different because of YOU and I like it. Use me to love and remind her that these moments are molding her into the follower YOU WANT HER TO BE. Souled Out, no matter who’s doing what around her!

Gates is a lover of life. She’s fun and daring. She makes everyone around her laugh. Her confidence is evidence that she’s the baby of a family that spoiled her. She makes friends easily and she’s beautiful. But she’s intolerant of what she knows to be wrong behavior and she won’t compromise herself just to be friends. She’s wise beyond her 17 years and she taught me a great lesson–staying home with your family is better than going along with the crowd any day!

PARENTS: Give your kids a solid foundation. Teach them God’s truth, every single day! Then hand them over and allow God to direct their path. Let them see your own struggle to live a life that’s pleasing to God. Don’t forget to share with them your victories in faith as well. Every day there is a lesson for each of us. Learn & grow because of it.

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