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10 Better Things To Do With Your Heart & Mind

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2019

…Than to focus on the crap going on in our world!

If you haven’t felt upset this week over all the horrible things on the news or on your social media feed, you may not be paying attention. The world is a wreck! It’s full of heartache and cruelty! Just when I think I’ve seen or heard it all, satan rears back up and says, “Here, hold my pitchfork!”. I am telling you, if Jesus doesn’t come back soon….we are going to literally implode on our own selves!

Lord, we need you!

I can’t wrap my heart around much of what is thrown at us on a daily basis. The recent news of New York passing The Reproductive Health Act breaks my heart in two. It is unbearable to imagine, aborting a baby ready to be born! What is happening to us? Do we have any conscience? Morals? Understanding of just what we are doing? Before you post on my Facebook or blog, don’t bother trying to convince me that IT IS A WOMAN’S RIGHT TO DO WHATEVER SHE WANTS WITH HER BODY! I won’t come over to your side when it comes to abortion. Ever. It’s just not going to happen.

Maybe you’ve seen the video of the teenage boys wearing MAGA hats this week. It’s now so controversial that no one and everyone has an opinion and what’s really the ugly issue here, still isn’t being addressed. How my heart aches for the parents & for the teens who have had to learn a very sad and hard lesson. This world IS NOT OUR HOME! Never get comfortable or complacent. There will always be someone searching out ugliness in any situation. Parents, you must protect your children. These boys, have a very difficult journey ahead. Imagine how you would feel if your middle/high school boy were treated this way. Heart ache!

Since the world’s expected to end in 12 years, I thought now would be a good time to focus on some good things to think on or do instead of buying into the garbage being pumped into our hearts and minds through television, Facebook, Twitter and more. I believe we have a hope in Jesus Christ that no matter how awful and horrible this world gets….we can find joy again and trust that only comes from knowing the love of God. He can heal our world. He can save us from ourselves. He does see every broken heart and He will come again for those of us who have chosen Him as Lord. Be ready, friends.

1. Be still.

I have learned to sit still when what I want to do most is run ahead of God and grab whatever it is that I am after. Psalm 46:10 has more meaning than just sit still though. God is big enough to handle the hardest of my struggles. I can rest knowing He is doing just that.

2. Pray.

Just keep praying. As hard as it feels, pray. I know my heart needs softening, I see the speck in my eye and I know the only way I can be who I need to be in Christ is through Him. Praying puts me in a position of trust and honor. It’s a lot harder to feel the passionate feelings against those who break your heart when you’re praying for them. People are broken. Who’s going to pray for them, if you and I don’t?

3. Buy someone lunch.

I have a Montana best friend that loves to do nice things for me. She does them for no reason and I can’t tell you how great she makes me feel. It is empowering to MY BRAIN when we go to lunch or shopping. Talking with her and sharing time together removes space from the yucky stuff going on in the world. I’m convinced, we all need to turn off the tv & social media. Go, eat a meal with a friend. Dream together and love one another well.

4. Write a love letter.

I heard a radio story way back about a man who wrote his children a love letter. He did it as a project for the men in his group at church. Initially, he was trying to soften up the guys and point them in a positive direction with their relationships with their children. What happened next solidified the importance of writing these letters because as life would have it, he passed away. The gift of his beautiful words to his children were immeasurable. So, go on…write the people in your life a letter. Tell them what they mean to you. Time will not wait for you.

5. Share your stuff.

Marie Kondo has taken over and reminded us to clear out what clutters our lives. You have something that someone else loves or admires and I KNOW YOU DO NOT NEED IT! Get busy, clean out the stuff you know doesn’t bring you pleasure and give it away. I can say that as I sit in my camper in a snow storm, stuff… not what’s important.

6. Help others.

If you look around, you will see…plenty of folks who need help. If you have a strong body and they need help moving…do it. If you are smart and know how to fix something broken, help them fix it. If you are blessed financially and see a need that you can meet, meet it. Have a lonely neighbor, family member or friend…go visit them. It is easy to help others. The hardest part of helping someone else is making ourselves JUST DO IT!

7. Offer grace.

As badly as it hurts, give grace. I’ll be honest, the cruel actions towards the teens on the news this week have nearly caused me to break as a human standing on the sidelines. However, I HAVE TO SEE ALL PARTIES INVOLVED AS CHRIST DOES! People make mistakes, sometimes HUGE mistakes! I can’t let my heart go crazy with anger! I want to offer grace where if you’re paying attention, there hasn’t been much. God, make me a grace giver!

8. Change your own mind.

This goes in the prayer category because if you and I are seeking to grow and be who God desires us to be….we will have to do some changing. Each of us are so drenched with who we are in this world through our heritage, surroundings and belief system. I pray, God help me change. Change what does not belong in me. Make me more like YOU!

9. Pass, on judgement.

My hubby and I are working on this in our own lives right now. Embarrassing huh? Well, I said WE ARE WORKING to stop this bad habit. Judgement comes in all sorts of packages. We judge what people look like, what they say & do, who they accept & don’t, what they’ve done or are doing, the decisions they make, their differences or whatnot! The list goes on. (I’m not using WE as just WE but each of us, as people) We spend too much time judging and not enough loving.

10. Turn off the noise.

I am sitting in silence right this very moment. If I’m not at school or out and about, it’s quiet around me. It’s important to let your mind rest. The tv, computer and cellphone are all necessary items but I will tell you, you need a break from them. In a world riddled with anxiety and TRIGGERS, it is time we set these things down and let our hearts enjoy some rest. Constant bombarding bad news or bickering talking heads rob us of our peace. Let yourself hear the real world. Play with your kids, walk your dog…have a connective conversation with someone you love or a stranger. Stop letting the noise of the world steal your joy.

I can’t tell you how much I needed this list for myself this week. At one point, I felt so stressed and angry that I wanted to throw my own hat in the ring to fight for the injustices of the world with the rest of the angry mob. That’s not going to help anyone! My best role is to focus on healthy ways to live and function in this world. God doesn’t need me arguing with anyone on Facebook or reposting what one news station said about this or that person. I want to be MORE LIKE CHRIST and I can’t do that if I’m acting like a fool!


It is hard to live in a world that doesn’t love you like I do. Help me to see every human as you see them. My role on this earth is to love not judge.


A Lesson For Me

Saturday, January 28th, 2012

Do you remember high school? For me, it was about 28 years ago….except I’m still there, really. I walk the same halls as my youngest everyday. I see the struggle of choices teens face and the sadness of wrong direction in their lives. Not a day goes by that I’m not witness to the depravity of sin in our world. It crushes my heart and knocks me silly in disbelief.

My youngest missed her winter homecoming last night, on purpose. It was one of those “teachable moments” in a parents life. I found her in the bathroom crying. Friends can be everything to a teenager and when you can’t find one that holds the same values as you…’s devastating! I think she had folded her heart up and stuffed it in her pocket in hopes of protecting herself from feeling the stuff that poured out last night.

She hurts for the friends that are choosing to be like the world.

How do I encourage my girl whose trusting me with information that is ugly and shameful about her Christian friends? Those moments don’t “just happen” in the life of a teen. Sins are kept secret and giggled about around unsuspecting parents. I’m her confidante and she needs me. She’s relying on me to direct her and hand over sound advice. She doesn’t need my judgement or self-righteousness. Even though my flesh wants to spew it!

It takes a strong person to walk away from sin. Sometimes it means not having friends. The effects of doing it can cost you. “All men will hate you because of me, but he who stands firm to the end will be saved.” (Matthew 10:22) If you’ve ever had to stand up for something you believed in…then maybe you know what it’s like to be ridiculed or excluded from a group. It can mess with your self-worth big time!

Unless, you’re absolutely clear about your worth in Christ Jesus!

Thank you for my girl who chooses you, even when I’m not around to push her in your direction. I feel ashamed of myself for only trusting so far. Forgive me. She’s different because of YOU and I like it. Use me to love and remind her that these moments are molding her into the follower YOU WANT HER TO BE. Souled Out, no matter who’s doing what around her!

Gates is a lover of life. She’s fun and daring. She makes everyone around her laugh. Her confidence is evidence that she’s the baby of a family that spoiled her. She makes friends easily and she’s beautiful. But she’s intolerant of what she knows to be wrong behavior and she won’t compromise herself just to be friends. She’s wise beyond her 17 years and she taught me a great lesson–staying home with your family is better than going along with the crowd any day!

PARENTS: Give your kids a solid foundation. Teach them God’s truth, every single day! Then hand them over and allow God to direct their path. Let them see your own struggle to live a life that’s pleasing to God. Don’t forget to share with them your victories in faith as well. Every day there is a lesson for each of us. Learn & grow because of it.


Friday, October 7th, 2011

If you’re over the age of 40…you know just who I’m quoting! But I’m not talking about The Streak this morning. Oh no, I’m throwing myself right out there on the TRANSPARENT WAGON for all the world to see.

My kids! The ones who live in my home. They just might be animals. Thanks to some little problem with my computer (I’m SERIOUS, ya’ll) the pictures will not load onto my post. So there goes my transparency! πŸ™

Who wants to show their dirty piles of laundry and messy rooms online with The Nester out there in bloggy land? Oh she’d never see, right?

Just know that I’m eyeball high in laundry from the three bedrooms at the other end of my hallway. I thought I’d be nice and do some “cleaning” since I’m home with one of my babes today. She’s been holed up in bed for several days thanks to a [pulled muscle] by way of a sweet fall at school (college).

I’m rethinking my thoughtfulness.

So instead of my REVEALING photos, how about a walk down memory lane?

I pray your Friday & weekend is filled with fun and blessings!

Oh look what works now. –DO NOT JUDGE–

Bedroom of a college dude.

I think I’ve bitten off way more than I can chew…

Looky looky….I got a Nooky!

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

I didn’t want him to buy me one! Really! I wanted to WIN ONE! But he’s ADHD and being impulsive is high on his weakness list.

Today, as I pulled into my garage….I saw a box at my front door! By the time I made it inside to get it, it didn’t exist. When I asked around (to the two very smiley teenagers) no one knew what in the world I was talking about. Uhh, ok!

While I was slaving cooking dinner, I ran into my room for my cellphone and found it laying on a pink “thing”. I was in a hurry so I just grabbed the phone and ran back to the kitchen. I thought for a nano-second about whatever that was….mmm, pink book? Hmm!

After dinner, we were sitting around talking and I mentioned the secret box and everyone giggled except hubby. He said, “If you only paid attention to what your cellphone was sitting on top of…” I jumped up and ran for the bedroom because I KNEW EXACTLY WHAT THAT WAS!


He promises that he had already purchased it before I blogged the DON’T BUY IT warning! Yea, ok. Whatev!

Thank you Honey! I love it! Can’t wait to drive you crazy trying to learn how to use it. And it’s so pink and pretty! πŸ™‚


Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

Since I’m a mom of three teenagers……I pay attention to what’s going on out in the world. In the popular world! More often than not….I am disgusted by what celeb’s do and say for the world to hear. I’m not stupid….but I will never get over the complete lack of class and manner’s. It appears the raunchier and nastier one behaves, the bigger the reward (financially and fame wise). It’s a twisted concept for me.

Our society pays huge money to these people. The rapper’s, musicians, actor’s…..reality tv personalities all of these folks represent something. There was a time that being in the spotlight gave you certain responsibilities. It was expected of you to behave in an honorable way. You didn’t reveal very personal or offensive things about yourself. It was considered taboo. That’s just not how it is anymore. We are living in a society that wants to take it up another notch. So many want to create the biggest shock…..just for the fame of it.

Over the weekend…the big talk on all the news channels was the melt-down on the tennis court by Serena Williams. Anybody who wanted to hear or see could tune in and listen to her drop the “F” bomb and argue her innocence to the judges on tv. She later concluded that she is a passionate person…..and she was a little out of control. Here is the latest on that event. I wonder what her life would be like if she were that passionate for Christ?

On Sunday night, during the popular VMA awards…..Kanye West revealed to the world (again) that he has absolutely no ability to control himself. His now very famous interruption of Taylor Swift’s yeehaw moment has been played over and over for the world to see. Who is getting all the attention? Yea, Kanye! Twisted, huh? He is a disgrace! I wouldn’t give him a penny of my money… buying anything he has his name on. But that isn’t how the rest of our world sees it. People will defend him (remember he was swigging down his drink of choice)and say, “Oh he was just drunk!”. Which brings me to another point…….WHY ARE THESE PEOPLE BOOZING IT UP FOR THE WHOLE WORLD TO SEE?????

In most public places….it is not appropriate nor legal to walk around with a bottle of liquor in your hand like it’s a Polar Pop! What in tarnation, people? Again, he will only reap benefits of more popularity and laughs for his ridiculous behavior. He may be criticized here and there….but do you think the producer’s/music companies are going to drop him? No. They’re not going to do anything to hold him accountable. Twisted! Really….it’s twisted!

I can’t talk about these famous people without reflecting on my own mistakes as well. I too, fall short and goof up. Maybe I don’t have my crazy splattered on Fox News or Entertainment Tonight….but I display it for my whole family to see on a regular basis. It’s a real shame too. They are the people I want to impact the most for Christ….yet I fail repeatedly. How can I choose to speak and behave in a way that honors Christ? By practicing it daily… staying in contact with my Lord and filtering all I do and say through Him. Easy to say….not always easy to do. I’m human!

I want to represent you in a way that brings you honor. Life isn’t always easy….and it’s up to me to choose to do what’s right even when things feel out of control. Help me to be more like you….tame my flesh and create in me a pure heart. Let my words be few and let them be sweet like honey. Forgive me for the many times I’ve let you down with my words and actions. I’m sorry.