Looky looky….I got a Nooky!

I didn’t want him to buy me one! Really! I wanted to WIN ONE! But he’s ADHD and being impulsive is high on his weakness list.

Today, as I pulled into my garage….I saw a box at my front door! By the time I made it inside to get it, it didn’t exist. When I asked around (to the two very smiley teenagers) no one knew what in the world I was talking about. Uhh, ok!

While I was slaving cooking dinner, I ran into my room for my cellphone and found it laying on a pink “thing”. I was in a hurry so I just grabbed the phone and ran back to the kitchen. I thought for a nano-second about whatever that was….mmm, pink book? Hmm!

After dinner, we were sitting around talking and I mentioned the secret box and everyone giggled except hubby. He said, “If you only paid attention to what your cellphone was sitting on top of…” I jumped up and ran for the bedroom because I KNEW EXACTLY WHAT THAT WAS!


He promises that he had already purchased it before I blogged the DON’T BUY IT warning! Yea, ok. Whatev!

Thank you Honey! I love it! Can’t wait to drive you crazy trying to learn how to use it. And it’s so pink and pretty! 🙂

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