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A Real Dad

Saturday, June 15th, 2013

I got a little afraid as I stood at the altar that sunny September day.  Maybe it was because I was just a kid (almost 23) and not sure if I wanted to "grow up" quite yet.  But I didn't turn and run …. I stayed still and prayed in my head to God for His protection and His guidance for my marriage.


I knew, I would need it.

For the last 24 years, I've thought about that scary moment in my life many times and when I do….I smile.  I smile because I understand how God was preparing me all along for just the right one for me.  I'm right where I belong because I HAVE TRUSTED GOD with every single moment of our lives together.

I wish every marriage was built on that kind of trust.

In my selfishness, I praise God for giving me the husband he has because HE'S ALL MINE (remind me that when I want to box his ears).  He loves me like no other and he's willing to walk through fire if it helped me in anyway.  There's not anything I could ask for that he wouldn't do his best to make happen.  He's the kind of man that is devoted….to the core!  But like a cherry on top of all his amazing hubbyness –> HE IS THE WORLD'S BEST DAD!

It takes a real man to be a dad.  Sissies need not apply!  Dad's can't wing it and get away with it.  He has and will do the hard stuff.  It's worth it to him to go the extra mile and it shows in his relationship with each of our punks.  They trust him, they rely on him, they go to him, they need him and they are proud of him.

Sometimes I catch myself wishing I had experienced that kind of fatherly love…..then I remember, I have.  Everyday as I parent alongside him, I experience what it's like to have a dad who's crazy about you!


Happy Father's Day, Honey!  You are one of a kind heart

**Thank you to my in-laws.  They loved my husband enough to train him & prepare him for me & the grandchildren they love so much!




Looky looky….I got a Nooky!

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

I didn’t want him to buy me one! Really! I wanted to WIN ONE! But he’s ADHD and being impulsive is high on his weakness list.

Today, as I pulled into my garage….I saw a box at my front door! By the time I made it inside to get it, it didn’t exist. When I asked around (to the two very smiley teenagers) no one knew what in the world I was talking about. Uhh, ok!

While I was slaving cooking dinner, I ran into my room for my cellphone and found it laying on a pink “thing”. I was in a hurry so I just grabbed the phone and ran back to the kitchen. I thought for a nano-second about whatever that was….mmm, pink book? Hmm!

After dinner, we were sitting around talking and I mentioned the secret box and everyone giggled except hubby. He said, “If you only paid attention to what your cellphone was sitting on top of…” I jumped up and ran for the bedroom because I KNEW EXACTLY WHAT THAT WAS!


He promises that he had already purchased it before I blogged the DON’T BUY IT warning! Yea, ok. Whatev!

Thank you Honey! I love it! Can’t wait to drive you crazy trying to learn how to use it. And it’s so pink and pretty! 🙂