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Miley Don’t Shock Me

Monday, August 26th, 2013

I didn't watch the VMA awards last night.  I had better things to do.  Suffice it to say, if you watched you probably could've had a better time doing something else too.

They stink!  The performers (or so called, artists), the presenters (more of the who's who in pop culture) and the lowly paid "dancers" who help keep the show as cutting edge as possible.  All of them are pretty much pathetic.

I realize that I'm "older" and out of touch on many levels but when it comes to recognizing talent, I can hold my own.  Today's music (and I love music) has evolved into something more along the lines of sex on stage.  Everything from the lyrics (or rap) to the costumes and then ultimately to the performance revolves around some sort of sexual inference.  To be honest, that doesn't equal talent.  Matter of fact, it pretty much spills lack of talent if you ask me.  Which you didn't, but since this is my blog I can blast raunchy performers if I want to.

They are ruining tv & radio for everyone!

The only reason I'm even mentioning this situation is because of the crazy hype going on regarding Miley Cyrus' performance last night.  Buzz buzz says that she stepped across the line with her porn like performance.  Really?  Just last night?  Seriously?  These people aren't in this business to be ignored.  Or to live in a normal home and drive a car with a car payment like you and me.

They push as far as they can for the fame and the money.  When they get that….they want more.  The cycle just goes on.  And guess what?  They get it!  Because people buy their garbage and scream at their shows how much they love them.  No raunch is too much!

So, parents of little girls and boys who admire these "performers" stop saving up and standing in lines to buy tickets to these filth mongers.  Would you go out and buy your kids a porn video?  Then, why would you waste your money and your kids innocence on the trash they're dishing out everyday?  Our society is falling deeper and deeper everyday into a hole of grossness that makes me sad.

Sad because nothing is shocking anymore!

Miley's half-naked attempt at "shaking what the Good Lord gave her" as dance moves while jumping up and down on a #1 finger puppet failed to shock me.  It did disgust me and by the looks on the faces in the audience….they weren't impressed either.

What is next?  Actual sex?  On the runway?  Geesh!

Stop calling these people talented.  Stop feeding their frenzy.  Our eyes and ears deserve better.  But more than that so does our heart!

Lord Jesus

You are so holy and upright.  This kind of crazy behavior must cause you to shake your head.  How grateful I am that you still love us and want what's best for us, even when we do things that aren't very honoring to You.




Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

Since I’m a mom of three teenagers……I pay attention to what’s going on out in the world. In the popular world! More often than not….I am disgusted by what celeb’s do and say for the world to hear. I’m not stupid….but I will never get over the complete lack of class and manner’s. It appears the raunchier and nastier one behaves, the bigger the reward (financially and fame wise). It’s a twisted concept for me.

Our society pays huge money to these people. The rapper’s, musicians, actor’s…..reality tv personalities all of these folks represent something. There was a time that being in the spotlight gave you certain responsibilities. It was expected of you to behave in an honorable way. You didn’t reveal very personal or offensive things about yourself. It was considered taboo. That’s just not how it is anymore. We are living in a society that wants to take it up another notch. So many want to create the biggest shock…..just for the fame of it.

Over the weekend…the big talk on all the news channels was the melt-down on the tennis court by Serena Williams. Anybody who wanted to hear or see could tune in and listen to her drop the “F” bomb and argue her innocence to the judges on tv. She later concluded that she is a passionate person…..and she was a little out of control. Here is the latest on that event. I wonder what her life would be like if she were that passionate for Christ?

On Sunday night, during the popular VMA awards…..Kanye West revealed to the world (again) that he has absolutely no ability to control himself. His now very famous interruption of Taylor Swift’s yeehaw moment has been played over and over for the world to see. Who is getting all the attention? Yea, Kanye! Twisted, huh? He is a disgrace! I wouldn’t give him a penny of my money… buying anything he has his name on. But that isn’t how the rest of our world sees it. People will defend him (remember he was swigging down his drink of choice)and say, “Oh he was just drunk!”. Which brings me to another point…….WHY ARE THESE PEOPLE BOOZING IT UP FOR THE WHOLE WORLD TO SEE?????

In most public places….it is not appropriate nor legal to walk around with a bottle of liquor in your hand like it’s a Polar Pop! What in tarnation, people? Again, he will only reap benefits of more popularity and laughs for his ridiculous behavior. He may be criticized here and there….but do you think the producer’s/music companies are going to drop him? No. They’re not going to do anything to hold him accountable. Twisted! Really….it’s twisted!

I can’t talk about these famous people without reflecting on my own mistakes as well. I too, fall short and goof up. Maybe I don’t have my crazy splattered on Fox News or Entertainment Tonight….but I display it for my whole family to see on a regular basis. It’s a real shame too. They are the people I want to impact the most for Christ….yet I fail repeatedly. How can I choose to speak and behave in a way that honors Christ? By practicing it daily… staying in contact with my Lord and filtering all I do and say through Him. Easy to say….not always easy to do. I’m human!

I want to represent you in a way that brings you honor. Life isn’t always easy….and it’s up to me to choose to do what’s right even when things feel out of control. Help me to be more like you….tame my flesh and create in me a pure heart. Let my words be few and let them be sweet like honey. Forgive me for the many times I’ve let you down with my words and actions. I’m sorry.