Who Has Time

I’m a practical gal. I try to manage my time accordingly. I always have. I’m uptight, remember? I love pampering myself. Only I don’t usually do much pampering. I’m too busy! I remember a friend from a long time ago who said, “Women who wear polish on their toes are women that care about HOW they look!”.

I thought he was crazy at the time. But now that I’m getting up there in years (hehe) I see how easy it is to neglect taking care of myself. I suppose it happens to every woman. Life steals time and energy so we do what we can just to survive. Or maybe that’s just me. 😉

Last night, my youngest daughter (she’s 17) spent the entire evening in the bathroom. I mean, 7:00pm until after 11:30pm. What was she doing? Primping, painting, showering, plucking, shaving….everything a girl needs to do on a regular basis. I had to step over her and her polish station a few times just to use the T-let! I thought she was crazy.

I’m rethinking it though.

Ladies, we should be primping! Maybe not all night long…..but at least slap some polish on and shape up the eyebrows. Right? I’m happy to say that I took just a few minutes and painted on a light coat of nail polish today.


Try to do something JUST FOR YOU today! It’s invigorating!


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