What? WordPress Does THAT?

My heart belongs to Jesus!  No qualms about that, I promise!  But the rest of me is now in looooove with my WordPress dashboard!  For 4 years (I really could yell this out) I have whined and cried over the fact that I KNOW MY WORDPRESS BLOG DOES MORE THAN THE BASICS!!

After a new plugin update, hubby installed the Cadillac Escalade of goodies to make my blogging more fun!  I've literally driven everyone crazy over switching my fonts and making little doo-dads here and there.  I knew there was a way…

4 years later, here I am y'all.  Playing with a whole new blog!

Just look out, there's no telling what you're going to see when you click into my little kingdom.  I'm going to need some time to figure everything out.  So bear with me, ok?

Everyday I learn something new.  That's good, very good!  Keeps the Alzheimer's away.  At least I'm hoping it does!

PS–THANK YOU Honey!  And WordPress, I love you too!

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