No Car But Awesome Boots

For those of you who like to look at the glass 1/2 full.  My Monday tried to put me to the test.  But I won't let it!  😉


I woke up to a dead car. Not a great way to begin a Monday, wouldn't you agree? So hubby pulled Ally's car around for me to drive since she was too "sick" to attend her early 7:00am class. Hrmph! I realize as I'm walking up to it….it's very quiet and confirm its not running when I hop onto the freezing seat. Not cool, okay too cool! It won't crank! Not for all the tea in China. If you're counting that's 2 cars not working this morning. Except I haven't mentioned that my son took his car to the shop last night to be worked on. 5 people sharing 1 car today!


Good news….

I'm wearing new boots and I look good y'all!


I hope you're having a great Monday! I'm sure glad God loves you & me aren't you?

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