I Bought A Book

My friend (she's a librarian) and I both have Kindle's.  Each of us love books but hate paying BIG DOLLARS to put them on our e-reader.  So, often we share about our sneaky finds that are either cheap or free.  Free being the most special, ya know?  If it's something really important, I'll pay for it otherwise I wait or search it out in a giveaway or the online Library system.  

Every once in a while I luck up and find a good one.

This past week I purchased the new hot-off-the-press book about JFK and the mistress who had an 18 month affair with him.  I wasn't sure if this was something I could enjoy especially after paying full price for it.  Yea, I'm that cheap!  I've always been intrigued by President Kennedy.  His life, his story & his tragic death all fascinate me.  I'm not sure why (we're on opposing parties, politically) other than the history of it all.  No one, democrat or republican deserve to be assassinated for the position they hold.


This story isn't about his death.  It's about a girl who was raised by a good family, educated at a prestigious prep school and given an exciting opportunity to intern at THE WHITE HOUSE during her summer before college.  But things would take a serious turn.  As a mother, reading it was heartbreaking!  As a woman, I felt humiliated for her.  Even though she doesn't try to paint the President in a bad way…it's hard not to judge him by his actions.

I devoured the book.  The author kept me glued to every page.  I admire her for the courage to write such a revealing (and not in a flattering way) book.  I can't think of too many women that would want the world to know the secrets that this lady held onto for a lifetime.  I wish more young people could see the devastation of promiscuity that she so openly shares in her story.  She recognized the effects of it in her failed marriage.

Profound news, people.  Don't give yourself away UNLESS IT'S YOUR SPOUSE!

I totally recommend the book.  If you're looking for a peak into Camelot and ready to have your eyes opened to some painful truths.  Get it!

Once Upon A Secret by Mimi Alford


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