I Make Plans

I'm a sucker for a good long weekend.  I had big plans to enjoy this one but somehow fell into the pit of DON'T COUNT YOUR CHICKENS BEFORE THEY HATCH lady!  When I came home to chaos on Friday, I knew….dun dun dun, home would not be the haven I had dreamt of all week.  

After verbally wounding all the people I love, including the dogs….I crawled up on my bed for a retreat nap cry escape rest and prayed for God to help me face all the attacks satan was throwing my way.  Then, I called my husband and confessed my meanness to him and begged him to come home and help me.

Before they killed me and hid my body.

No, I wasn't PMS'n either.  Trouble was just knocking on my door and I was caught unaware and answered it.  Idiot!  I did mention it was FRIDAY?  I love Friday's.  Just not this one.

The new puppy, it's up and down with the potty training.  My house smelled terrible and the laundry was piled high because of cleaning up the "accidents".  Not a good thing to come home to.  I work hard all week, I didn't want a puppy and I don't want to come home to work cleaning up after one.  Would you?

While I'm crying sulking praying on my bed, I hear my son yell, "Oh no, she peed on my iPad!".  Then I hear him stomping around up and down the stairs obviously taking his bedding to the laundry room and cleaning up the mess.  I can only assume that his new 64g iPad 2 is ok, since he isn't in my room having a total meltdown.  So, I let him handle his problem.

Until I hear the scariest screaming banging noise I've ever heard.  I jumped straight out of bed and ran searching for the source only to smell stinky smoke coming from my laundry room.  NOT THE LAUNDRY ROOM!!!  I cannot believe my eyes when I walk up to my washing machine and see that  E V E R Y blanket, cover, sheet and pillow case off of his king sized bed is in my washer!  It's poking out of the top (just like a scene from a Lucy & Ethel shenanigan) except it's not funny at all.  The washer is dead and my 21 year old son is the killer!

I have to walk away.

All of this kickstarted the "fun" weekend of searching everywhere for a belt (hoping that was all it needed) which NO ONE carried.  Why did I stop at 3 children?  I'll never know.  Laziness, maybe?  Remember all the smelly laundry?  Yea, it was now moved to the living room because hubby had to pull out the washing machine to work on it and needed to clear out the floor space.  Note:  House messy, smelly & cluttered!

After driving all over southern Indiana and biting my tongue at all the sales people who informed us they do not sell parts only new appliances–we ended up at a farm store that sold belts (for tractors and such).  We were desperate and after measuring them all against our washer belt decided to try it for $8.99.  Otherwise, we could order one and wait the week out for it to arrive.  Uhh, trying it!

By that evening, the tractor belt was on my old Maytag washer which now has a permanent screamy screech when it spins and can only handle baby loads.  Thanks hubby!  According to him, the damage is beyond the belt (a bearing, maybe) and it's only a temporary fix.  We need a new washer!  🙁

I spent all of Sunday washing the piles of gross wet laundry.  But I wasn't complaining.  Downton Abbey (my favorite show) was coming on at 9pm and not only was it the season finale…..I didn't have to get up for school this morning!  Weeeeeehawwww!  

I was almost caught up with all the laundry…

Until 1am when Ally came into my room flipping out because her dog was sick all over her bed.  By morning, she had barfed on everything repeatedly and even managed to hit the staircase.


Guess what I'm doing on my first President's Day off in 10 years?


"Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom." Ps. 90:12


For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.  Jer. 29:11


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