Sick Me Sick Dog

I’m miserable! Sinus headache, runny eyes & nose, left ear ringing and head pounding. I slept with my face wrapped in a cloth diaper (they make the best snot rags). I probably should’ve called in but I’m a martyr and highly dedicated to my job so WORK it is, baby!

I can’t hog all the sickly sympathy though, my sweet Lizzy dog is croaking sick. Literally, she is hacking her little head off. It’s not pretty, girlfriend is weak from all that strangling/coughing.


Look how sweet she is….a little too fuzzy but I like it when she’s extra fluffy! So, today I’m focusing on a vet trip not my own whiney head cold.

Hope your Tuesday is a gem of a day. It’s one day closer to Friday…right?

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