Am I Really That Weird?

I slept like a log last night.  But I spent quite an adventure dreaming.  I've always known I was weird and I have no shame in admitting it.  I do strange things, say crazy stuff and act totally weird.  It's just who I am.  I like me and most of the people in my life say they do too.

It's just kooky how I find myself in such strange circumstances.

Dream #1 — My family and I were obviously on a vacation together.  We seemed to be on the east coast in Florida because I remember seeing my Aunt Pat & Uncle Earl (whom I love bunches).  We were renting a house from some of their friends that I don't know.  We decided to go into town to visit a friend of mine that was working in a makeup store in a strip mall.  Once in the parking lot, we see a gang and they are causing a ruckus among the innocent folks milling around.  As my family and I are approaching the stores they head towards us (only they don't know I'm not afraid of anything!!).  I begin talking to them.  I tell them what they are doing is terrible and hurting people.  I mention that they don't have to behave that way and that God loves them and wants them to treat people well.

In the meantime… my family (including my hubby's parents–not sure where they came from.  But it's my dream darn it, so just go with it!) all run to a motorhome parked in the parking lot and jump in while I'm on the sidewalk with a REAL LIFE GANG, Y'ALL!  I remember looking over at the big windshield and seeing all of their shocked faces staring back at me.  I keep on talking.  They listen and no one says anything bad or scary to me.  They just start walking away with their heads hung low.  Several really tall people stay behind and then I can see they don't belong with the group.  They are a ministry group that have made helping gangs their mission field.  Each of them hug me and tell me how thankful they are for me being there and saying something so profound to the gang members.  One lady (a tall blonde) kisses my cheeks over and over.  I kept thinking, wow these folks do this all the time?  I wasn't afraid for myself, but the people they were terrorizing couldn't be left to their demise.   

In other words…..I couldn't NOT SAY SOMETHING!!

The rest of the dream, I remember riding around in the motorhome with the missionary team while they showed us all the gang houses and places they hang out.  It was very real.  


I have no idea why I'm dreaming of standing up to gang people.  I've honestly never been near one in my life and I don't have a burning desire to minister to them either.  I work with kids, many of them very troubled and hurting.  I see how quickly they can become mean and violent.  (AND THEY AREN'T IN A GANG!)  But somehow, my crazy mind went there.  On a vacation, no doubt!

I've forgotten about dream #2 right now, my mind has moved on so I can't quite pull out the silly details.  Just know, that it was something off the wall and weird too.  I did not, I repeat….did not take any funky medications before bedtime.  This is just all me, naturally!  😉

Please tell me, I'm not the only one to dream wild things and adventures?


DOG UPDATE–She is feeling a bit better and loaded down with good medications.  The vet did a heartworm check and she passed.  He gave her a good booster shot of cortisone to kick-start her healing.  Now, we just keep poking it all down her until she is 100%.  Thanks for the thoughts.

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