Hairy Scary

Hair is a constant source of maintenance in my family. Some of us have lots of it, other's have none and every once in a while you might hear someone screaming about having a bad hair day. Ok, it's usually me!  But when your hair is 45 years old and has taken life personally for each day lived….you'd cry to if your finished product resembled a helmet!

Yea, that's my look today. Helmet hair.

I love how creative my YOUNG and BEAUTIFUL girls can get with their pretty long locks. ;Both of them have really good hair (they didn't get that from me) even when they think it looks wild, the reality is that it's pretty cute. ;Like, yesterday. ;I came home from school and Ally (who has a birthday in 16 days!!) has tried a cute new do she found on Pinterest.

Literally, a HAIR BOW!  See —>



I could be jealous of all the cute hair styles, but I'm not.  I'm their mom, for goodness sake.  I witness to gang members on vacay!  I've got the tiger by the dang tail!  Who needs rockin hair?  Not me!

Take a look at Gates.  She never misses a chance to imitate a funny moment.  This is her Angelina Jolie red carpet pose from The Oscar's the other night.  What was that skinny chick thinking?  She looked whacked!




Here's a shot that you won't see very often with my girls.  Why?  Because it takes 40 forevers to flat iron LONG CURLY HAIR, that's why!  This was lovingly done by one of their friends (God bless her)!  I usually end up with 3rd degree burns on both hands thanks to this straightening process and miss watching any good tv because it takes so long.  Oh the sacrifices….



I bet I'm not the only mom to think their kids are pretty awesome.  I'm thankful that God knew just which ones to send to me.  Cute hair and all!

PS–I feel it's only fair to say, BALD IS BEAUTIFUL honey!  😉


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