She Got the Job

My girl is growing up.  She's been working her heart out for TJ Maxx for the last 8 months (most of which were spent in the dressing room) and has decided that she's ready for bigger and better things.

Yay for you Ally!

A few weeks back, she was miraculously sprung from the dungeon known as the fitting room and was working the register….when a nice lady from "the bank" came in to do a return.  She noticed where the lady worked and told her how much she loved that particular bank.  The lady was very kind and encouraged her to go online and apply for one of their latest openings, NOW.  Then she decided to just write Ally's name down and watch for her to apply.

Ally came home and excitedly shared the good fortune.  We jumped up and down and then she got busy forgetting to apply, until….

This week!  She came home after a grueling day (back in the fitting room) and after working with a less than kind manager who scolded her because someone found a fitting room number tag in the store somewhere.  She cried and said….I have to get out of there.

Ding!   JOB OPENING!!  Ding ding!  ONLINE APPLICATION!!  Bank job!  Nice hours!!  Professional environment!!

Enough said.

She hopped online and filled out all the details on the application and pushed send.  Then made a big wish and went about her evening.  The bank called her a day later and set up an interview the next day.  This morning, they called with the happy news.  She got the job and a $4.00 raise to boot!

Girlfriend is jumping with excitement!  Who wouldn't be?  Banking is a huge change from retail.  She has such a sweet personality and spending it back in the fitting room has nearly squelched her spirit.  This is going to be a wonderful 2nd job for her.  I can't wait to give her a great big hug!  Congratulations, Ally!

Did I mention….she'll be making more money than me?   Yay for her, sad for me.  I've been trudging through this gig for many years too.  Shameful.

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