I’m always going to be the first to admit my weaknesses and my need for a savior. I’m small, insignificant and a tiny piece of this world’s magnificence. But, not to God. To Him, I am amazing and so are you. When I stop and ponder that… it takes my breath away.

Much like this song does.

My actions, words & oftentimes behaviors are fleshly. I make huge mistakes but God accepts and forgives my failings and raises my faith even higher because of it. I’m surely a poster-child for Jesus’ love and acceptance.

Without Him…..I’m not much at all.

Halleluia, I don’t have to worry. He’s right here with me. I could get all bummed out that it’s the end of my spring break. Instead, I’m going to celebrate that I actually had a break and go back with a great attitude. I want to finish out the year on top of my game. Why not praise Him for every little blessing?

May your Friday be one that you can sing Halleluia too.

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