The Hunger Games


I've read the controversial reviews and blog fodder.  I've also read part of the first book.  It wasn't that I didn't like it, I just didn't have "fluff" reading time.  So, I put it down and waited like a vulture for the movie to hit the big screen.  I was able to see it this week during my spring break!

The movie?  Was, wow!

I really liked it.  I love the actress who plays Katniss and the other casting was amazing!  Each one fit just perfectly in the role they played.  The story…incredible! I know many are fussing about the idea of teenagers killing other teens.  But it you really understand the story, it's not because they want to do that.  They have no choice.  The government forces this yearly ritual upon them and the horror of it all is just a game to them.  One repeated concern is the violence of the story.  Which I can't speak to since I only read the first half of The Hunger Games.  But the movie was done very tastefully and it was no more violent than the tv show CSI.

The Hunger Games is clearly not geared for young kids.  So, if you're wondering if you should take your 8 year old…don't.  Unless of course you have read them together and have an ongoing dialogue about the story.  Which, in that case gives you an upperhand on what is exactly the premise of the trilogy.  

Oppression.  Power.  Greed.  Hunger for survival.  All this and more.  If you haven't read the books, please don't discount them as something you wouldn't enjoy.  While I'm not a big fantasy fiction type myself…I did like reading the story and I loved the movie.  I can't wait to see the next one.   Really, I can't! 


It's back to school for Gates and Me!  We now begin our END OF SCHOOL countdown.  The end is literally weeks away and no one, is happier than the two of us lazy bums!


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